Ladies Golf Tips: Golf Swing Faults & How To Correct Them

If you are not driving the ball well, or have lost the power behind your swing, the fault may be in your hips! Check out this video for exercises that will help you drive the ball further and with greater power.

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  7. Thank you! My husband says I do this but didn't know how to help me. This is great technique…thanks again!

  8. Great video guys! Check out our content for professional ladies golf highlights and live coverage

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  10. I've been playing golf for 30 years and my average drive is 260 yards… This has been my nemesis all these years! I'm a slider and is a major problem for most women because how our hips are made. I really like this technique as it puts to your memory swing. What also helps women is putting a stick or broken golf shaft planted in the ground on the outside of your left foot (for right hand players) so when you swing your hip should not push it with your hip but rotate so your belt buckle faces it on you finishing swing. I will do this exercise!

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