Lag and the Economical Golf Swing

The golf swing has evolved dramatically since the days of Bobby Jones’ classical swing. Many of these changes in theory have involved a simplifying process. The best changes have made the swing both easier to execute and easier to repeat. If you consider each new golf theory that has arisen, most are fairly obvious. Examples include: a more compact motion, stack and tilt (simpler weight shift), single plane theories, more neutral grips, less club face rotation, blocked club face releases (i.e., Lee Trevino), a steady head, a swing more over the ball rather than behind it, or a shallow rather than a deep shoulder turn.

The only problem with these modifications is that they have not gone far enough. “Lag and the Economical Golf Swing” describes the simple, fully evolved golf swing that relies on lag as its main power source. No matter what your handicap, you can adopt it today in full, or even in part, if you desire. The vast majority of the simplifying elements will be “baked in” with your grip and set up. Your power will be added with the pitch lag exaggeration drill that is described in “Lag and the Economical Golf Swing.”

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