Learn how to turn your hips in a golf swing

Jonathan shows you how your hips should work in the downswing.

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  1. you have helped me a lot you should have more views on your youtube videos I don't know if you remember me but I asked about why I'm flat on the way back you said work on the one piece takeaway it did and I had the best round in 2 years I shot a 83 with my handicap off it I was 4 under so thank you sir

  2. Jonathan I'm having a hard time with my swing half way back looks good the butt ogf the club points at the target line but as I finish my back swing the club shaft slides towards my head I pull down and the butt of the club points between my feet line and the target line then my right foot goes towards the ball its a mess can you get a picture of my swing in your head any good drills I can do do to fix this every time I go to the driving range to work on it can't do it

  3. First of all try and keep the left upper arm close to your chest at the end of the back swing (Practice with a glove under your left armpit). Then Stop pulling the club down with your hands.Start with the hip turn, followed by shoulders and finally the arms.

  4. Well said. Β  It's not often mentioned nearly as much as it should be that the player should feel the weight of the body over the left heel as the left hip has fully cleared. Β  Brilliant summation, short and very useful.Β