Learn how to use ground forces in your golf swing, for a better hip turn.

This video will help you to understand the role ground forces play in a golf swing and how to use them.

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  1. Great lesson and amazing info.

    George Knudson talked about the right and left feet as separate pivot points… Similar to you and who was he? Only one of the best ball strikers ever.

    Thanks for the video.

  2. I get and do the above but what should i feel in the left foot/leg/ hip on the backswing(shearforces) as this is where im wrong/inconsistent sometimes causing a bubba/jt/reed like action in the follow through which Im far to old to get away with longterm

  3. Whether the technical explanation behind your demonstration is scientifically sound or not (J. Mann's comments below refer) I found this video a real eye opener that has had an immediate, positive effect on my game. Understanding the effects of forces can be useful even if you do not fully understand the causes. If, in the course of training the hip move, one experiences the described effects then one knows one is on the right course. This can be an invaluable short cut for the time pressed weekend golfer who might be denied the luxury of being able to plough through mountains of highly technical, biomechanical theories such as J Mann's. Finally, what a pity that your detractors comments, notwithstanding the right or wrong of the matter, display such overweening arrogance and lack of good manners.

  4. Wow. The more videos I watch of yours, the more amazed at how complicated other teachers make the swing. I watch so many videos when they speak about angles. You explain the forces which get you into the proper positions rather than just showing you the final positions. I early extend or have difficulty staying in my spine angle when coming into impact. This video will help immensely!

    Thank you Johnathan.

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