Learn the Perfect Golf Swing Release: Rory McIlroy Swing Review

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Rory McIlroy is one of the best players in the game. So what allows Rory to hit the ball as straight and powerful as he does? Learn a simple fundamental used by every great player in the game throughout history.

The left hand is responsible not only for direction, but for trajectory. If you learn how to use the left hand effectively you can trim strokes off your handicap in no time. Be sure to watch the Free Bonus Video attached at the the top of this description.

1) How can rotation incresde clubhead speed?
2) What are the 4 basic movements of the left wrist (how will this change my ball flight)?
3) How to create more penetrating golf shots.

To learn how to use your natural anatomy to perfect your swing visit.

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  1. Thank you Fred Safa!!! I appreciate the compliments. ~Clay Ballard

  2. NOW I know why pro golfers can hit an 8 iron 170 yards…thanks for the outstanding lesson Clay.

  3. If I focus on my hands and wrists I try to control the club which usually results in a very bad golfshot. Just forgetting about my hands works best for me.

  4. With the proper practice, you can learn to control the club very well with your hands. We have a 9 days to ball striking series on the site which goes over controlling ball flight. I have had many high handicap students work through these drills in a short period off time and were able to hit both a fade and a draw at will and begin to control trajectory as well. Anyone can do these moves once they understand what they need to focus on. Good luck with your game! ~Clay Ballard

  5. Great video. Now I know what two of my problems are with my swing, especially my driver swing, I was not rotating my wrists and was cupping my left wrist far to much. Thanks for giving me the answers Sir:)

  6. Do you recommend developing that 'bowing' the hand to create that 'de-lofting' you mentioned to get more distance?

  7. Yes, you should have a small amount of bowing, not only for distance, but also for compression of the golf ball. ~Clay Ballard

  8. Great video! I've watched the "perfect release drill" and it's really good. However I have a very strong right hand grip, should I feel like holding the release longer due to this or should I really feel like my left hand is turning thru impact? Also I have a hard time holding my left arm straight thru impact, is this due to my strong right hand grip? Hope you understand! 

  9. Clay, I have a bad habit of flipping my wrist up. I have since started the 9 to 3 drill with my left hand and it seems to be helping. However in high speed video you can still see me flipping my wrists pretty badly. Should I exaggerate bowing my wrist through impact until it is gone?

  10. I would say rory has a strongish grip and that logo is pointing on a vector more at the camera than to the target.

  11. Just love the description… Now nobody can stop me to become a golf champion after watching this video. LOL 
    Thank you 

  12. Everyone employs some left wrist rotation (supination) through impact on normal full swings. Some employ a lot, some much less. All depends on how much bowing and body rotation you use in conjunction. 

  13. "5 minutes to the perfect release" ??? The title should read waste 5 minutes of your life listening to clay drone on endlessly about back of lead hand relating to club face angle. Plus watch video of rory from a bad camera angle which barely even shows his release or hand position. Seriously…this video is helping no one.

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  15. Its actually the right hand, the left wrist rarely cups or bows on its own, its the right hand, remember on the grip you hold on with both hands, so if u flip with the right which most amatuers do it wil cup the left, youl hav better luck talking about the right wrist cause its more dominant

  16. horible instructor.  Some people were never meant to teach.  I can do a better instructional video and I dont even teach this stuff.

  17. Great explanation. Some of the posters below that are whining and complaining obviously are not avid golfers or are golfers that are not into perfecting their games. Golf is a game of PRACTICE and detail. You do a great job explaining one of the important overlooked details of the game. As you mentioned in your videos, people that don't correct this wrist action will continue to hit 150 yard 5 irons and 160 yard 3 woods and keep wondering why. Cheers.

  18. When I try to twist my hips and shift my weight forward on my downswing, it throws me off and I end up hitting behind the ball or topping it, however if I keep my hips still and just use my torso, I hit it but there is close to no power (175-190 yards w/ driver).. I lift and am pretty strong, but when I try to put power into the shot (and hips like I said above) it just messes up the whole shot… any suggestions??

  19. Trevor Rick, you might be sliding your hips forward instead of rotating them. If practice doing half backswings and concentrate on your hip rotation it will help.

  20. There is nothing free about, '"5 Minutes to the Perfect Release' Video for FREE!!!." It's just a come-on to get you first to register with RotarySwing.com and then to purchase access to the video.

  21. Theoretically what you are explaining about the cupping is right. However, how many weekend golfer, do you think, has such a power to straighten out the left wrist right after an impact? So, actually you are making most amateurs confused.

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