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LEARN TO SWING THE GOLF CLUB with PGA professional Mark Crossfield. Mark talks about how to get your basic golf swing going and learn how to improve your golf game. Improve your driver swing to your iron swing with these simple and easy to follow golf tips, drills and instruction.

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Chris Picken says:

Confidence & Belief

Chris Ruf says:

Pace and grip pressure.

Dara MacCarthy says:

No result – just putt the best swing u can

als 1 says:

Ok, I must admit, your daughter is toooooo cute. Hope she wins as well.

Ian Nicolle says:

Distance control and keep the head still

mbroughton1829 says:

Seeing the correct line and hitting it on that line

Matt Proud says:

For me it's being confident and commit to the line.

jeff simpson says:

Great VLOG as always. Some would say line and speed are the two most important.

Sven Hallauer says:

Direction & Speed

Matthew Wildeman says:

consistent face delivery and pace control

coolkix9 says:

2 things for me are knowing how to read greens and having the correct putter for your swing (length, lie, type of swing arc, etc…)

Levi Kinchlow says:

Alignment an stroke

Luke Bletchly says:

The most important thing to being a good putter at golf is to look at Steve Buzza and do the exact opposite.

David Fletcher says:

Pace and line

zimbomarko says:

Consistent pendulum motion and finally touch….

Phil Williamson says:

Putting, first is confidence, second seeing the line.

Clive Newman says:

1)Get the ball in the hole.
2)Get the ball in the hole again

Lee Kowalski says:

Pace and strike

Chase Streiff says:

Putting: confidence and consistency

stu says:

Alignment and distance control

Bcfc26 says:

distance control is most important

Semaj Kcirtap says:

Tempo and alignment

Stephen Howlett says:

Line and pace

Matt Revilock says:

putting is distance #1 and direction #2.

Shane Toll says:

Ability to read the greens and pace control

Alistair Hennessey says:

In putting I would say the putter face angle on impact and most importantly your own mental state on putts. Without the correct mental attitude you won't hole many, or 'see' them

edgerat says:

speed control, and reading greens. The numbers say Spieth is SO good at putting because the speed of his backswing and forward are identical, unlike every one else on tour.

acawley87 says:

Weight of putt (length)… and comfort…

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