Learning the Moe Norman Golf swing, Free tips for faster learning.

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I recommend “the feeling of greatness” practice club, and the Alignment ball position trainer very highly. They helped me speed up my improvement. when using the aids each time you practice you cannot grip the club incorrectly, and your stance is always perfect.

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Moe Norman discovered the easiest way to swing a golf club, and anybody can learn to swing like he did. You will learn to hit longer and straighter golf shots. All you need to do is to copy his setup, which includes his grip, and stance. Follow the swing drills to learn his swing. In a short time you too will have “the feeling of greatness”.

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  1. Hi Kirk, i'm a new subscriber to your channel having discovered your videos. I've been struggling with consistency using a conventional swing, and about to embark on a journey to try single plane golf. So my question is do I need to have a feeling of swinging on more flatter plane than a conventional swing ?
    I have tried single plane at the range ball flight starts left of target and spins further to the left , any tips to fix that ?
    Seems i have problem with both swing path and club face control.
    Many Thanks
    Danny, from UK.

  2. Hi Kirk. I'm new to golf. Been trying to learn for 3 years and I think that system is for me. The question I want to ask. Do you tilt your body at address or turn your shoulder? Thanks. 

  3. Kirk is one of the best instructors I've met on-line.  He's an amazing person to share his knowledge for golfers that either enjoy playing the game or at competitive levels like me.  Great job Kirk!!!

  4. I am right hand golfer. My question is which hand ( right or left) I should keep same plane @ set up. For right hand golfer left hand should keep same plane. I mean straight line with shraft

  5. moe was right you can hit the ball easier in the sweet spot and the ball will go farther and straighter going straighter will surely lower your score.  you just have to have the intestional fortitude to try it and not worry about how it looks.

  6. How tall is Kirk?  I struggle to find a tall golfer to emulate Moe's swing.  That said, the angle seem to be the same regardless of height, but I'd like to find videos to confirm?

  7. Hi kirk its Isaac i used to be a long driver and now i've learned moes swing and shot as low as 64 im hitting it 290 287 how do i get more distance off the tee.

  8. What changes have to be made to the lie and loft of a persons club if they have swing like MOE using a one plane?

  9. Been using this type swing since November…used DVD's and one private lesson from a Graves Academy instructor.  Today played an afternoon round by myself, Marshal came over to second tee and wanted to know how I hit my Driver so straight and long (Over 65, so 250 seems long to some of us) on first hole..  I showed him my copy of Norman swing and we talked for awhile.  He had to have the information about the Graves Academy before I left….My tip for him was buy the Graves DVD, work with it awhile and when you start seeing it work take a private lesson from a Graves Instructor who will put everything in proper place for you. Swing works period.

  10. I'm anxious to try this. Is it necessary to place the clubface several inches behind the ball before beginning the backswing ?

  11. The ball goes straight but it looks like there's no power generated. The modern golf game is about power and distance. There's a reason no one on the tour swings like this.

  12. From what I've been seeing, the single plane golf swing is very similar to swinging a ball bat, correct?