Lee Sung-Woon has a Beautifully Flowing Golf Swing

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  1. Kills me that Jan Stephenson was so reviled for what she said about Asian players all those years ago (about 18-20?).  These Asian girls are just killers, they really are.  Quite a thing to watch.

  2. sweet swing, i have bin to three woman's golf gigs as it were and learned more of how to play the game, as they all swing at the same pace, smooth and in fact quite slow. But the whip comes as they strike the ball. Thus the ball goes further. Thank you girls for the education over the years.

  3. Real good to watch at the beautiful landing area projected in my thought 0:40 and then say to myself at impact, "High fade" in the slow motion bet I had made.

  4. Her downswing isn't any more shallow than her backswing.  To be more shallow, her left arm would have had to have bent/folded, which it did not do.  She has simply started her downswing by turning to her left/transferring her weight to her left foot.

  5. Thank you to the men on here who keep their comments about her looks to themselves and just comment on her beautiful swing. I am a woman serious about golf and I AM SO TIRED of reading men's comments about lady golfer's sexiness and looks. It is so insulting. They work hard on their games and deserve to be respected for that. Go into a 'gentlemen's'/scum bag forum to talk about bodies and boners. This isn't the place.

  6. Tiny Shepherdess: Don't be jealous. Some of the people commenting here are just stating that in addition to their appreciation of Lee Sung-Woo's swing, they have a secondary sense for her golfing swing – i.e. the "boner". These are the people that you often hear shouting "get in the hole". That's what My Nigga was trying to say…