Lee Trevino Golf Swing Analysis by Craig Hanson

Butch Harmon says Lee Trevino has the best ball flight since Ben Hogan! David Leadbetter said Lee Trevino is the best iron player he has ever seen! Watch this amazing golf swing and swing analysis from certified PGA Tour instructor Craig Hanson.

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  1. I recently went back to a Trevino type swing about 2 months ago and I am striking the ball much, much better than I did last year. I think his swing is far easier than anything I've tried. I really like taking the club outside on the backswing and dropping back into the slot because for me it's a rythmn thing. I do stand a bit farther from the ball perhaps than Lee but essentially it's the same swing.

  2. You mentioned you have gone back to a Trevino style swing so you have tried it before … Do you try and swing like other golfers sometimes ? How do you hit it with your own natural swing ?

  3. This is a swing that Lee figured out himself.He had a strong grip but realised the relationship between the back of his left hand and club face was crucial to the trajectory of his shots.He needed a technique that got his lower half out of the way so he could hold that club face off and he worked it out on the range over many hours… a genius and one of my favourite golfers along with Seve.

  4. Yeah i agree Vince !! What a talent to get himself there …one of my favourites as well …such a awesome impact with great moves …maybe the best iron player ever !! And one of the hardest working golfers of all time !

  5. If you want to know how and why Trevino developed the swing he had
    read Lee Trevino "Swing My Way". he started on this swing method after watching Ben Hogan hitting practice balls in Fort Worth. He used to swing in a "normal" way but he had a big hook. He realised he needed to build a swing where he would consistently hit a fade.

  6. The ONLY way you can use this type of swing method is if you have a really good lower body action.You have to make a STRONG first move with the left knee in the transition which sets the hands back down onto plane. if you dont you will pull hook the crap out of the ball.
    With Trevino that is what happens. His first transition move is GREAT. But then everybody would benefit from that factor….Moe Norman called it the "Magic Move" and HE was the best ball striker who ever lived!!

  7. I was enamored with the Trevino swing when I was younger. Tried to emulate his every move but eventually gave it up, thinking I just wasn't built for that swing. Every now and then, on the range, I have to try it again. A fun way to hit a golf ball, although maybe not the most powerful way.

  8. I really don't know what my natural swing is because I just started playing again about 6 years ago, after not playing for many years. I had to convince myself though, that the only way I was going to get better is to build good fundamentals, into my swing. However, I try not to get hung up too much on details and use what works, at the time, because it seems that a golfswing is always a work in progress…

  9. Dave Pelz, a short game "guru", came up with what he called a "percent error index". A 100yard shot that missed the pin 10 yards left or ten yards right had a 10 percent error.Of all the pros he kept stats on Lee had the lowest percent error index of around 5 percent. The next closest was in the 8 percent range. In professional golf that is a HUGE difference! Lee was especially deadly with his wedges and his mouth :)

  10. All good golf shots are the same in the impact zone.   Get the left arm and club straight through impact.. focus on the last 6 inches before impact.. get it straight and follow through after you hit the ball.   

  11. Good point NY golfer and Pelz also stated if he had been better with the putter the Nicklaus story might have been a lot different.  However, my experience has been Trevino and Hogan's swing moves tend to make the putting stroke feel very spotty at times.  Whatever you enjoy best in golf is always a good choice.  (If you get the Trevino move under control the ball will feel like a marshmallow so a blade like the MP-33 is nice). 

  12. why is not  anyone looking at his shoulder plane at impact, he looks like he is hitting it with his right shoulder.