Lee Trevino – Golf Swing Compilation – Regular Speed

Lee Trevino – Golf Swing Compilation – Regular Speed

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  1. great ballstriker. His hands and the club were a fixed pair. What really impressed me was the lack of wrist cock. I doubt he ever had any wrist issues. 

  2. no doubt one of best ball strikers ever…Swing is really a thing of beauty when people wake up and look at dynamics instead of positions.

  3. Hell of a ball striker…most of the young guys on tour today have canned generic swings but back then everyone's swing was unique, especially Trevino's…

  4. Looks like a bit of stack and tilting as he got older still what a player,jeez the tour need someone like him these days an entertainer and superb striker,saw him many times in his prime just WOW!!

  5. Trevino hit that famous hole in one in the 1987 Skins Game.  His comment…..That's what I was aiming for.

  6. Lee is great, and then I watch how his swing "chases" down the line similar to Moe Norman. Does anyone else see it?

  7. He's a great teacher of the game. Helped me understand not only the Full Swing, but more importantly, his burning wedge.

  8. Lee has the best way to swing thanks to his OPEN STANCE . Although it looks painful to swing like that, but it is the least painful way to swing. the left knee is not taking the twisting force at the end of the swing. standing square would twist the swing weight
    and force to the left knee. ask Tiger.