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Left arm straight golf swing: 31 of 100 Masters

YouTube Live Stream •Streamed live on Feb 23, 2017
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Bill cole says:

Been playing for many years and have been watching your videos and getting results but do have a question. When you drop the club straight down on the down swing do you drop it at the ribs straight down or in front of the body straight down. Seems like my shoulders stay back better when I drop the club right down my rib cage. thanks

gman3363 says:

Hey Terry, Cal here in Texas. Been following you and became a member and have had great success applying your teachings. Thanks. Quick question/comment. Regardless of the length of our backswing, we have to have that 90 degree angle at the wrist/hands and club, correct (wrist rotation)? This would occur naturally applying the principles you teach? Thanks again for your great instruction.

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