Left Knee Movement in Golf Swing for TWICE the Consistency!

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The left knee movement in the golf swing is a fundamental that most amateur golfers mess up almost the instant the club starts moving away from the golf ball in the backswing.

Keeping this knee quiet ensures a much simpler downswing movement that will boost consistency dramatically.

So, if you feel like your swing is loose and sloppy like Phil Mickelson’s and you want it to be tight and compact like Tiger Woods, make sure you check out the bonus video: https://rotaryswing.com/golf-instruction/bonus-video-video-2?video=58820323&t=preview&ad_id=cq-yt-left-knee

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  1. I agree with your teaching methods, I swing similar to Greg Norman. My hands oppose each other in the grip, with a combination of palming & fingers in the left grip. I do a vertical drop of the shaft with my right elbow & shoulder. I let my left shoulder return to address position. I am more erect in posture & finish with shaft over left shoulder. No over rotation to left. Today's instructors set spine back & right shoulder & arm rotating in an inclined plane rotating to the left to square the club face. Now, the comparison to the left knee. Everybody wanted to swing like Hogan. The biggest fault to instructing his swing is that the golfer is told to rotate the hips hard to left. The truth is Hogan & Moe Norman both made a LATERAL shift with the left knee bent towards the target with the right leg straightening out into impact. As to result, Tiger's first injury the left leg. Then hard rotational stress on the spine from an inclined plane. Second injury, back surgery. Greg Norman has been lost in one of greatest golfer of all time. He was # 1 for over 300 weeks. I wish a lot more instructors followed your teachings. More centrifugal force, whipping the club head, less body rotation.