Let The Golf Club Go For More Distance

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Let The Golf Club Go For More Distance. More golf tips, drills and advice from Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. This swing lesson talks about power via more club head speed along with body turn. This is another golf swing fix via Mark’s mobile app called golf helping golfers from around the world.

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  1. Slowing the handle down allowing the club head to move faster. I've struggled to get that power/distance and now I understand…your word and demo of the handle pivot point. When I think if that I stop releasing the lag early and pulling the handle through the impact zone. My swing is smoother and takes less effort and I'm getting more distance. Very exciting when it clicks. Thank you Mark.

  2. Thanks Mark (and the lady who posted her swing). Your advice is perfect for me. I will report in a month and let you know you how I got on – Mike

  3. Mark; another great video. I'm going to send you a video of my swing. Keep in mind, I broke my neck in 2-places and have after 7000-hours of therapy and 10 years I got back just enough motor nerve function to stand up, and take a couple of steps with 2 canes. My goal is to qualify for, and play in the 2015 British Open for Disabled Golfers. It's a hell of a goal, but I plan on achieving it and representing the USA next year. I if I qualify, I'd love to meet you when I'm over there? My Dad was born in England and I've been there several times. Cheers~

  4. Love what you did here Mark.  My pro is the same.  He has to find a thought that works for me, so I can understand what the correct feel is.  Everyone feels it differently and everyone needs to be told something different to get into the positions we are all trying to hit. This is why people should have lessons to improve! 

  5. I tried this today and it worked wonders I think I have been trying to steer the ball by leading the club forward too much resulting in pulls or blocks definitely gained distance too but much straighter, Keep up the great service Mark  

  6. Thanks Mark!  I read Ben Hogan's book and was overdoing the "lag" and "supination of wrist" idea, resulting in what you describe as dragging the handle through the swing.  Tried your recommendation and got on the first par 5 in two!  My golf pro has filmed my swing and said over the top is not the problem, it's not striking square due to not releasing the clubhead.  Your drill worked.  Thanks again!

  7. +Mark Crossfield Funny after watching this video, you were able to get some more information on how the handle slows down with the Ping videos you just post last week!

  8. Dragging the handle or a term I bought into drive hold release. Don't do it I developed the worst block ever. Hit it 45 degrees right on some holes. Now fixed but ruined my scores this summer. Now fully releasing and hitting draws. Great stuff and explained so well Mark

  9. thank you very much mark all of your videos have helped me improve my game 10 strokes over the last 2 seasons. cannot thank you enough

  10. haven't played golf in ten years,slowly getting into it again. my distance is 125,150 with a 7 iron. my wood club 175,i just can't perform the longer clubs. lOl great video, I'll go back out and try your tips.

  11. I just finished reading these golf swing secrets ‚Äúkaha shocking guide‚ÄĚ (Google it) last week before you go out and putting the exercises to the test. I never thought that after playing for 30 years, my swinging skill could still be improved. The drills have assisted with small informations I had never paid much attention to.

  12. I have lost 10 mph swing speed since last year with a weak push slice…..Maybe I am dragging the handle thru impact…mmmmm…..off to the range I go…….