LEVELGOLF – TempoTrack Golf Swing Trainer – Optimal 45″ Shaft Matches Driver Length – Sleek All Black Design – Perfect Warm Up Aid For In-Sync Swing Timing – Builds Strength And Flexibility

HIT POWERFUL, STRAIGHT SHOTS… STARTING NOW. The TempoTrack is an innovative, high-quality golf swing trainer that will create a smooth, in-sync swing tempo AND help strengthen your critical golf muscles so you can hit with more POWER. You’ll hit purer, crisper shots with laser-focused accuracy as your hips, arms and golf club all move together properly. No more casting or “over-the-top” swings that result in weak slices… NOW you’ll finally have the proper lag and timing in your swing to strike it pure with power every time! THE TEMPOTRACK ADVANTAGE While other swing trainers may be too long or too short in length, the TempoTrack is custom designed to PERFECTLY MATCH the length of your driver at 45 inches. Since you will develop a smooth tempo in your swing, why not make sure that it actually carries over to the course with your driver! BRAND NEW, SLEEK, ALL BLACK DESIGN Given its design, your new TempoTrack will blend in perfectly with the golf clubs in your bag so you can bring it with you on the course. Making just 10-15 swings with the TempoTrack before your golf round is the perfect way to loosen up your core golf muscles and remind yourself what a smooth, in-sync tempo feels like before playing. BACKED BY OUR PRODUCT GUARANTEE We believe the TempoTrack will be the best swing training aid you’ve used. If you don’t love the results, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked! WITH NO RISK, WHY WAIT? Invest in your golf swing today and reap the rewards for years to come! CLICK “ADD TO CART” ABOVE!

Product Features

  • DEVELOP SMOOTH SWING TEMPO AND POWER: The TempoTrack enables you to develop the lag and power in your swing just like the Tour Pros. The custom designed flex shaft teaches you to wait for the clubhead to flex at the top before allowing the body to pull the arms and club through. The result… an in-sync golf swing generating powerful, straight shots.
  • 45″ SHAFT LENGTH MATCHES MOST DRIVERS: The shaft length of the TempoTrack is designed to be consistent with most drivers on the market at 45 inches. This ensures the smooth tempo and feel you develop with the TempoTrack will carry over to the course with your driver. Don’t waste time practicing with a shaft that’s too long or too short!
  • GAIN STRENGTH AND FLEXIBILITY IN CORE GOLF MUSCLES: With the unique weight design of the TempoTrack, you will be strengthening your key golf muscles every time you swing with this training aid. Even just 10 swings a day will build endurance and flexibility in your swing to make sure you play at your full potential for 18 holes.
  • BRAND NEW SLEEK, ALL-BLACK HEAD DESIGN: With our new sleek, all-black head design, the TempoTrack blends in with the other clubs in your golf bag so you can take it out on the course with you to warm-up before the round. Just a few swings on the practice tee will get you ready to play your best!
  • BUILD CONSISTENT “INSIDE-OUT” GOLF SWING: The TempoTrack helps you feel the body “pulling” the arms and club through the swing. Mastering this golf move will avoid casting or “over-the-top” swings that result in weak slices and inaccurate shots. Developing a smooth, inside-out swing will mean consistently striking the ball purely time and time again with real power.

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  1. I was a little nervous giving it to my husband because he’s pretty picky about things but he loves it