Little Tiger 54″ Takedown Recurve Bow | AGES 6+, MAX HEIGHT 5ft 4in | Available in weights 16-29 lbs | LEFT and RIGHT HAND | Premium quality wood recurve | 1 YEAR MANUFACTURE WARRANTY

The Southwest Archery Little Tiger takedown bow was designed in the image of the SWA Tiger bow. The Little tiger was created by the makers of the Samick Sage and “Sage 2″ Spyder. The Little Tiger was made for ages 6+ and the maximum height of 5’4”.

Product Features

  • DESIGNED BY THE MAKERS OF THE SAMICK SAGE and SAMICK POLARIS: The Little Tiger was specifically designed for those with smaller hands. Created for ages 6+ and a maximum height of 5’4″. The quality and craftsmanship found in this 54 inch bow is unlike anything else on the market today. At Southwest archery, quality is paramount which is why a 1 YEAR MANUFACTURE WARRANTY is included- online registration required.
  • INCLUDED: 3 piece takedown bow, hand tightened limb bolts, bow string and arrow rest: Good for target archery. REQUIRED: A stringer tool is needed to take the string on/off the bow, if you do not already have one then PLEASE SEARCH B01H0SZBP8 in the search bar and purchase one with your order!
  • OPTIONAL BOWS: 62″ version also available for taller people with a larger wingspan. Also comes in higher weights. PLEASE SEARCH B01J6LGHNW for 62″ Tiger Takedown bow.
  • HAND ORIENTATION: A right handed bow will be held in your left hand and the string pulled with the right hand. Left handed bows are held in the right hand and pulled with the left hand.

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  1. We’ve also really liked the idea of a takedown bow I have been wanting to get my wife into archery for a while, but have not been able to find a decent Bow for a reasonable price. We’ve also really liked the idea of a takedown bow, as a bug-out bag add in. When we saw this bow, and received a coupon for it, it was a no brainer. Once we got it, she was hooked, really enjoying the feel of the bow. It is a youth bow, so the power is there of a larger bow, however the draw length is acceptable. The part that really is cool to me is the ability to…

  2. But I am so eager to review it because this bow is a beautiful piece of art First of all, I will disclose that I have not yet fired this!! But I am so eager to review it because this bow is a beautiful piece of art!! The design, the quality, the detail in the wood, the craftsmanship … its just gorgeous and it fits so nicely in my hand!! I have shown this to my friends who are into archery even more-so than I, and they’re more knowledgable too, and they are quite impressed. This is a gift for my kid and I am yet to wrap it and gift it (which is why I haven’t yet shot…