Live Swing Plane Golf Lesson

Live golf lesson talking and showing how swing plane might not mean what you think it does. Get your heads around this simple 3D delivery concept that might help you focus on some better golf swing ideas to help you lower your golf scores.

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  1. Just when I t was getting interesting! Mark was just getting started on shaft flex……

  2. So accepting the fact that plane has no relationship with club path (I get that) is there such a thing as a 'good' or 'bad' swing plane? Or is it something a coach just needs to aware in their student in order to formulate the best advice?

  3. Whats your thoughts on The Malaska Move from mike malaska?both of you make sense but seems totally different swing ideas

  4. Totally unrelated to the video, but I noticed the KBS badge on your iron shaft. I was recently fitted into the Tour 90 and I LOVE that shaft. Just curious which shaft you have there and whether or not that's what you actually game.

    PS: Your videos are amazing and I have learned an enormous amount about my game as a result of the way you explain things. Thank you!

  5. Hi Mark, I think I understand the theory – but what tips do you have on controlling low point of the swing as you move the ball position?

  6. Hi Mark, you're a little bit contradictory here. You're always saying "use what works for you" and then saying "oh, but I don't like that". If it works for some people in the context of their swing then fine. Don't try to make it gospel and force it on everybody. You can use 'the plane' as a base to talk about what happens around it. For a specific players swing, something like: ' you're swinging in this plane and the club does that, then change the plane and now your club does this ( in out, out in, lie, etc.) if that works, fine 🙂

  7. Mark, what about inside/outside target line? isnt that a change in your plane? many amateurs start way from the inside and may hold the inside to out swing and push everything whereas some might start inside their target line and then come from "over the top". That's a change/manipulation to swing plane which affects ball flights and starting directions massively…is it not?

  8. I don't disagree with your thinking around swing plane and it's relationship to club face / swing path. Having watched this piece though, I'm not sure that you've demonstrated anything other than the fact that you, as a highly skilled golfer can manipulate and control face / path from all sorts of funky positions. (Bravo – but I'm not sure you necessarily proved the point you were trying to make 😊). Thought provoking as ever though bruh!

  9. Thanks, this really helps to see and understand how these angles affect ball flight. good stuff!

  10. Firstly, some of the comments you’re getting on this are just amazing. I’m some people are just fishing for a one on one so you can show them face to face, #FreeLesson. Secondly, the boys at me and my golf have just released a vid called “the secret to changing your golf swing” 😱🙈😂

  11. Think hoopy and a pencil in the early videos was a better way to explain it. You are right audio quality isn't up to your usual standard.

  12. Swinging 5 degrees up with driver, what's your opinion on lowering it to 1-3 degrees and the easiest way to do that? Been told 1-3 degrees is where pros are.. thanks 🏌🏼

  13. Wow mark thanks for this explanation as it is a big help to me. I had my clubs fitted and the pro changed my dynamic lie to +2 degrees. If I am right in my understanding from this video , my dynamic lie during my swing is -2 degrees ie toe points down? What advice would you give to try and correct this. Cheers mark?