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Lough Erne Golf Resort with Mark Crossfield, Coach Lockey, Dan Hendriksen and YGT’s Rory. The boys are on a four day Ireland trip and this is their second stop. An 18 hole matchplay battle with some bizarre incidents along the way. Play your best golf watching Mark Crossfield and his fun easy to watch golf videos.


Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here http://www.youtube.com/TheR4C2010

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  1. It's like God woke up one day and said "I think I'll create a place where I'll enjoy my golf". 1 day later Ireland was created.

  2. Dan is the the worst!!! I don’t know if I can even watch part 4. If I had to play with him I would go in for a beer at the turn and never come back out.

  3. Felt as little awkward hitting like on this video. Seemed a bit like celebrating the fact that four mates are all having a real crap day! But the scenery was lovely…

  4. Locks is this what buying a new sofa does to your swing? Get the old one back, you used to be good!!

  5. We must be due a round where you are all on it, I mean when was the last time……1765???? 😉

  6. There's some lovely birdsong in the background. Perhaps you could value add with a little ornithology as you go. Something like: "Ray's got a shot. That bird you can hear is the Lough Erne chaffinch, which migrates to Spain in winter and returns to Ireland in spring to breed. One Chaffinch couple can have as many as 12 chicks in a season. Their distinctive song is said to have inspired singers such as Van Morrison, Sinead O'Connor and, obviously, Bono." Cheers.