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Lough Erne Golf Resort with Mark Crossfield, Coach Lockey, Dan Hendriksen and YGT’s Rory. The boys are on a four day Ireland trip and this is their second stop. An 18 hole matchplay battle with some bizarre incidents along the way. Play your best golf watching Mark Crossfield and his fun easy to watch golf videos.


Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here http://www.youtube.com/TheR4C2010

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  1. Ray is still playing pretty well. And nobody seems to be able to putt to save their lives on this particular morning. Reminds me of most of my rounds in that respect…

  2. That wedge shot coach hit on the 2nd that missed right looked like he was aiming there is he trying to draw his wedges ?

  3. I've notified the BBC of your sexist remarks and you're labeled as a chauvinist already.

    Alright, just so people know, that was a joke as well.

  4. I always find myself willing Rory on, every shot he takes in my head i'm like "come on Rory!". Great videos guys!

  5. i feel ive seen this vlog before? haha sickest moment of deja vu if this hasnt been released before. wasnt this released like in the start of journey thingies? great to rewatch though.

  6. Loving the insertion of uncomfortable personal possibilities with kids and marriage for Coach… LOL. Life coming at ya bruh!

  7. I thought I was getting bored of course vlogs but this was awesome. Love the give away and then the sneaky stiff from Rory!! #coachRham lockey inspired

  8. Fantastic course and a personal favourite of mine. The only problem is having to walk up the hill to the 6th tee if you don't have a buggy!!!

  9. Coach – what's on the back of your shirt? not your best brah:) He's usually so tidy.

  10. Rory has been hitting a lot better lately, now it's time for some putting lessons 🙂

  11. That course looks awesome, course vlogs are awesome, the production is awesome and the golf is……well it's 'golf'… Overall, it's awesome!

  12. Wow @mark Crossfield that comment at 5:12 was very risky now a days. J/k Keep it up. Love every sec you guys are together.