Making A Golf Club Out Of Osage Orange

This was a really fun build that I’ve actually wanted to do for awhile. I used osage orange for the driver head and hickory for the shaft. The head is glued to the shaft using epoxy. You’ll want to watch the end to see the the club in action!

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Hand Tools I Use:
Lie Nielson Scrub Plane
Lie Nielson Low Angle Jack Plane
Boggs Spokeshave
Nicholson Rasp

Power Tools I Use:
Grizzly 14″ bandsaw:

Camera Equipment

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  1. You can really see your passion and drive in your work!! So awesome to see someone with so much talent and skill show it especially so much of it done with hand tools!! Very impressive!! I would expect nothing less from a Texan!!

  2. Haha.. stick to woodworking! Self depreciating humour of a true pro. You're probably even good at golf.

  3. Next video. Making Osage Orange out of Osage Orange lol. Jk man I really love all your videos. One of my favorite channels. I like how there's isn't much talking just some good ole fashion wood work.

  4. I don't know where you are located, but i think you would enjoy RVP1875 in Jefferson Iowa. everything he makes and sells is with hand tools. Great video!

  5. Andy, That was cool*** Where did you find that orange wood? I would love too build something out of that it looks very dense. Thanks

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