Making Money Buying Golf Clubs Off Facebook!?

I explain why you should buy golf clubs of Facebook as you can make a bit of money as well as trying out some great equipment.

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  1. Have to definitely do your research. Have to check what clubs sell for on ebay before buying for profit. It can be a profit if you know what you’re buying and not just buying at random.

  2. sorry…got rid of facebook almost 2 years ago…lol…had no life…only the fake life on facebook….best thing i could ever done!!!now im maniac to golf on youtube…lol

  3. Dude these are top trade secrets your releasing! I do dabble with buying golf equipment myself and like most things if you put in a bit of time and effort you will be rewarded. Be savvy though guys as there are good fakes out there.

  4. and most stuff on ebay or facebook is fake thou, fakes look almost identical to real clubs also btw. i would buy from authorized dealers only and just dont change clubs and there is no money in selling used clubs i.e epic sub zero at 150 is not good if your trying make profit on it as they sell for like 160 180 on used club sites and ebay fees paypal and postage and how time consuming it must be.

  5. For some of those… You may as well get it straight off Wish com.
    At least you know you're buying a clone instead of having your buddies tell you at the tee box.

  6. You are not really making money trying to resale FB golf clubs on eBay because of fees but it is a good deal just the same if you want to put the club in play and not lose if you don't like it.

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