Malaska Golf // 2 Ball Swing Drill – Keep Your Hips From Moving Into the Ball

The two ball drill – put down two balls, set up for the outside ball and hit the inside ball. This is a great drill to help you train your body to keep from moving into the ball. This is great to help you get the feel for pushing away from the ball, creating space in your downswing for your hands to come through the ball and keep your hips from moving forward into the ball.

Your brain is a task master. Give it the task of hitting the inside ball and it’ll be impossible for your body to move into the ball or you just won’t hit it.

Exaggeration helps you understand both sides – where your swing is now and where you want your swing to be – so that you can get a better feel for what you should be doing.

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  1. Good video but I have exactly the opposite problem I have a tendency to get alligator arms bringing arms in too closely and unfortunately I’m a lefty to add to the problem

  2. Very good video.
    It has been said that often the lead hip gets out too far on the backswing and doesnt have time to get back out of the way on the downswing…thus the lead hip block, trail hip rides out, and arm run off.
    Good drill and thanks Mike.

  3. Mike I've been practicing my ass off trying to get my hands to drop down where they started and I can't do it…it's way harder to do then it looks! I recorded my swings to check this……

  4. Nice Video.. Good job Mike .. I like they way Mike explains techniques..For years I listened to other Instructors who were confusing..Mike helps me understand the good swing.

  5. Great video. When I used to do the 2 ball drill, I always hit both balls. Never could hit the inside ball.