Malaska Golf // Driver Speed & Distance

Adding distance to your drives is about increasing club speed. Tension inhibits this. So, how do we use the natural forces in our golf swing to reduce tension and increase club speed?

Step 1: Create Width.

Step 2: Push away – transferring force away from the direction of the swing – not up.

Step 3: Re-hinge the club; this requires relaxation, which increases speed.

This video explores the concepts of “pushing away” and “re-hinging” after impact.

The club swings on an inclined angle, it does not swing “down” towards the ball. When you transfer force to counteract the swinging club, be sure you are pushing away and not “up.” What happens to the driver after impact? If you intend on increasing speed, your arms will allow the club to re-hinge. If you prevent this, you increase tension, which slows down your swing.

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