Malaska Golf // Feeling Stuck – Downswing, Elbow Movement, Proper Club Position

I get a lot of questions about “being stuck” or having the club out of position behind you as you come through the ball.

Here’s what I feel with my right elbow in my downswing that helps me get the club in position to consistently hit my long irons and fairway woods.

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  1. Yes BEN HOGAN still photos really did some mind jobs on amateurs and pros alike. Always trying to chase down that "SECRET" of his.

    Basically a feather in the wind.

  2. I also subscribe to the theory, your hands and arms start the downswing and the body follows… makes your swing easy to accomplish consistently, Iโ€™m a huge fan of your teaching

  3. i used to watch your videos for tip..some of them do make a point..but i stop following you the day i realise that you always tee the ball up when you teach something..and you often say golf is easy..of course it is easy when you hit the ball on the tee..if you really want to inspire gotta do it properly…

  4. What do think about lowering or squat in ds ? I'm working on this with the Malaska move. It seems to get me more club head speed . Any thoughts any of y'all Malaska golfers ?

  5. Hey mike I did a lesson with Ashley, I have the opposite of his issue, my elbow gets too far behind. My lower body seems to spin out, left shoulder high, which gives the look of a cast but in reality itโ€™s not my lower body out races me sooo fast that if gives that look to illusion. Iโ€™ve shot in the 60s and can break par that way but the same week I can shoot a sub par round I can go be 6/8 over…. any videos on that?