Malaska Golf // Full Swing – Hand Acceleration, Wrist Hinge, Arm Movement & Speed Skills

When you understand how the body is designed to move, proper shoulder rotation and hand speed becomes easy. This is why and how we hinge the wrist. Work on hinging your wrists and rotating your arms to generate club speed through the ball.

Don’t just play golf. Understand it. Watch the complete Skill Pathways series about Arm Rotation and Body Movement to help make yourself a more complete player.

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  1. Hmmm… most other teachers would be having kittens if you said let your left wrist bend backward. They all want you to move you wrist only up-down (like hitching a ride motion). They would say my wrist was breaking down and "scooping" at impact. I wish I could work out who has got it right, lol.

  2. I love Mike's teaching, and wanted very badly to make it work for me. It didn't, but I enjoyed the hell out of trying it for a couple of months. Golf experimenting is great fun. Thanks, Mike!

  3. Mike, where were you 50 years ago when I really needed you. This tip is amazing. I just hit 6 60 degree wedge shots that landed one place apart for distance and six Paces apart for azmyth. I've never done that ever. Thank you.