Malaska Golf // Full Swing Pivot // Downswing – Changing Direction – Body Movement

Jack Nicklaus always talked about how you couldn’t release the club from the top too soon. Understanding the pivots in the golf swing will help you get a feel for changing directions at the top of your swing and how your body moves.

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  1. Hey Mike, if it was easy everyone would be doing it! Honestly, both moves you demonstrate from 1:231:48 look like early releases. Is this an illusion?

  2. Is this more difficult with today’s lightweight clubs? It seems like directing the weight of the club would be easier with heavy clubs.

  3. Excellent video,my mentor Bob Toski, taught along these lines.Spent 2 yrs with Gardner Dickinson at Palm Beach.He was all about right side hitting.I was head pro ,Daufuskie Island Resort and Nicklaus/ Flick School had Corporate Outings,so I taught with Jim Flick.You are old school,like me, which is best.Retired PGA golf professional.45 yrs.

  4. Love this Mike, when i do this move it feels to me that i leave my arms up while i bump my hips and rotate. Everything falls into place naturally.
    However if i get to excited and snatch or pull the club down all hell breaks loose.
    I have tried other ways of swinging the club but keep coming back the "Malaska move".
    It`s about time i stuck with it.
    Please keep the videos coming

  5. I was told that a gentle hand turns the wheel which in turn steers the mighty ship, I think that describes the Malaska method very well, using force to create force in a golf swing never works, good video Mike.

  6. Keeping the hips back and out of the way to allow the pivot, and to allow it without the hips pushing the club out….
    seems to be the key
    Firing the hips, early extension prevent the pivot….the hips only fire once the club is back in front of you, once the pivot has been initiated……IMO

  7. Must also watch Shallowing the Club Part 1 and Part 2 by Athletic Motion Golf here on YouTube. They utilize the Gear System and show this exact move tracing the hand path and the difference between a pro and recreational player exactly what Mike Malaska is saying here. These two extra vids are excellent further explanations of this move…