Malaska Golf // Full Swing Tips // Too Steep – Across the Ball – Shallow the Shaft

Part of a new Skill Pathways series added where I look at common swing flaws to give you a better understanding of the causes and effects in your swing. Six videos in the series to help you self-assess and dial in your swing.

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  1. This is really good. Is there a better way I can force or teach my hips to not invade that space? My hips just keep firing towards the ball invading this space. Is there a trick or a brain teaser that will allow my mind to go "ah-hah!!" trying to do this with a driver, is like my brain just pouring out of my ears. No matter how hard I intend to do this.

  2. Hi Mike .. I've subscribed to your YouTube channel and have been watching your videos.. I have learned so much more about the Golf swing since then .. You have debunked many of the rules of thumb of the Golf swing and have clarified many things .. Thx Mike.. Great videos

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