Malaska Golf – Shallowing the Shaft – Flipping Your Hands – Teaching Golf Swing Correctly

In response to previous videos posted and a lot of what we talk about at in relation to what you see versus what you feel, the industry right now is talking about shallowing the shaft, taking the club back behind your hands, then flipping your hands through impact. It’s no surprise you can get good distance. You also hit big hooks or push the ball off to the right. Flipping the hands can generate distance but also a lot of inconsistency. So what should we be teaching?

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  1. Finally. I've struggled with solid understanding of the take away. Makes complete sense! Thanks

  2. I have struggled with the club too inside and yes I hit big hooks that go far but hit behind my irons alot…such a hard habit to stop. what's your best drill to get club infront of you