Malaska Golf – Single Arm Pivot – Full Swing Basics – Momentum, Control, Release

Mike focuses on the single arm pivot as an essential drill for developing your most natural golf swing and directing the momentum of the club properly.

An extended explanation of this drill and more can be found at This video was posted in the ongoing Ask Mike section of the site where Mike responds to member questions about techniques and understanding.

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  1. Mike, is this the secret to good golf? – Creating lag, but without dragging the handle?
    How do you go about instilling/teaching this fundamental? Thx…

  2. Thanks Mike!
    I watched one of your other pivoting videos just yesterday and then tried this on the range with a 6-iron and was amazed how little effort was necessary to get the ball to go far.. I've always hit far, but now I have the feeling i make the same distance with much less effort (i assume due to increased club-head speed.. will see what the trackman says next week when i have the chance to use it).
    The downwards movement of the grip (instead of forwards) together with a good take-away in the backswing, and keeping my spine angle in the same tilt during the rotation, thus keeping the right shoulder low makes all the difference to fixing my fade into a nice, far draw.