Malaska Golf // Standing the Club Up – Feel vs. Real in the Full Swing

I get a lot of questions regarding positions and how I explain standing the club up in your backswing to get it in position to run into the ball. Understanding “feel” versus “real” in your golf swing will help you train your mind so that what you want to see on video shows up there.

Don’t just play golf. Understand it. Learn step-by-step with Mike Malaska at Follow The M-System to develop the skills you need to become a complete player.

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  1. The best golf instruction on the Web. Has greatly improved my shot making and scoring!!!!

  2. I tried it yesterday on the range, replicating what Mike does. It's ( in an exgareted way ) like you keep your hands more closely to your right hip and "bump" your club forward.

    First I tried in a practice swing and when I looked at it I really thought: "that looks weird….when I would hit the ball I would hook it immense".

    But! When you really try it it all makes sense. No pulling, no force, great contact….just an effortless swing which leads to ( in my case…) swinging the club around my body with no strain at all!

    The way Mike teaches is great. Gravity, momentum and logical movements that make sense for YOU as a golfer. None of us can duplicate what pro's can do….but this makes it just much more easier. Great stuff!!

  3. For someone who pulls on the handle from the top, wouldn’t this feel be a death move ? They will steepen the shaft and their pivot will stall.