MALASKA MOVE IN DEPTH! Golf swing “Tipping” the shaft of shallow the shaft


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  1. Mike is so on point with this move. It keeps your hands from raising the handle at impact and it keeps your hips back. You have all the space in the world to swing that club through. It's so easy on your back and you feel like you're whipping that club face threw impact at a 1,000 mph even when you're swinging the club slowly. You can also start to push away from the ball on your downsing and really get that trebuchet feeling. This really is combination of Monte's two drills "no turn cast" and "zipper away"

  2. Show and Tell with Follow-up Questions, and then more Show and Tell as Responses makes for the best Be Better to date. Love the way Mike talks. Thanks B and Mike! More please.

  3. Have seen this guy talking about this for quite some time. And I’ve mentioned it before, but I suspect that at some point in his life or his career he had a problem with getting stuck inside and this was a move that helped him. But going around and teaching it as a fundamental for all golfers is insanity. That’s why this whole video starts with other famous coaches basically asking what the fuck is he doing.

  4. Well done Mike, clear presentation thanks you combine this with proper ground pressures watch out.

  5. I always notice Mike hips are pretty square at impact. You got to make them hands drop in transition and turn the wheel to get the right feeling.

  6. Great video, makes a lot of sense. I think where a lot of people go wrong with this move (I know because I’m one of them) is turning their shoulders or torso towards the target too soon. It is much more of a ‘hands and arms’ swing until you ‘turn the corner’. Once you have momentum directed correctly at the corner, it is difficult to hit a bad shot, because momentum takes over. Thank you both for dedicating your time to help the rest of us Be Better!