Malaska — What Should A Golf Swing Feel Like?

Mike answers the frequently asked question, what should the golf swing feel like? See Mike’s first book at

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  1. i just tried the 1 arm swing and it really showed me where the club naturally hinges/pivots. This was very different than when i tried to manipulate the club face on my downswing. Thank you for this tip. will be practicing a new pivot! (*^_^*)

  2. Mike's pivot point lesson improved my game and improved my game so much that even I don't believe it. I am 71 and hit a 8 iron 185 yards. I cannot tell you how much i appreciate Mike's you tube videos.

  3. like to do this as part of my pre shot routine to feel the weight of the club etc and really helps

  4. Mike, I started using this feel and it has tremendously improved my ball striking.
    Only question, is that I can still push the ball to the right sometimes. I am standing up the club and letting momentum tip it over. And it feels great and I use less effort and getting more distance. But I still will push some shots to the right. Any idea what might be happening? I have 2 knuckles showing on the left hand .. should I strengthen my grip?

  5. This only applies if youve got NO athletic ability whatsoever and are happy to dolly it down the fairway

  6. Gravity? Ok I will lie on the floor, you could climb a step ladder and drop a club on me, it wouldnt hurt to much However if you lay on the floor and I raised a club to just hip high and brought it down with athletic acceleration!!
    Centrifugal/centripital force Ok tie a golfball/stone to a foot of string, twirl it around as fast as you can I will put my hand in the way, it might sting a bit, but give me the same ball and string and I use it athletically like hitting a conker, your hand will more than sting