Mark Crossfield & Coach Lockey’s Golf Travel Bags, A must for traveling golfers

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Mizuno Traveller Club Bag (Roller Travel Cover)
Callaway Clubhouse Collection Travel Cover
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  1. I have a hardshell travel case but our airlines charge $100 each trip so I have been not taking my own clubs and renting clubs… I guess I am a cheap scape but its fun to play a round with different clubs. i have played Taylormade clubs and Titleist and fun to play something different

  2. I use the Mizuno since 2011 for two travels per Year. it is big enough for 2 Standard stand bags and so I allways pay only once for two. It saved me money

  3. the mizuno one looks like it was designed 40 years ago and built by a 9year old 🙁 guess ill travel my mizuno clubs in a callaway bag 😀

  4. My wheels go to 11. Is there a mockumentary golf blog? I'd love to see them wheel there bags around the two foot high stonehenge structure!

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