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  1. Martin,
     This lesson is EXACTLY what my instructor teaches!! He can drive a ball 250+ yards and not even look like he is hardly moving his arms. I am so glad I found channel.

  2. Martin I love this lesson & what it explains. Others should take note. I am a very long straight hitter myself (Driver average 270-280m), & a very good long Iron player(195m 3iron), Irons in general. I always like the feel that I am compact in my swing not long & loose. Most people have said I have a high swing speed. But I tell them watch how long my back swing actually is, & that my should turn is not that big. I generate my swing speed from the ground up (as you first pointed out at the start of your video, that means Kinetic-energy people from the ground up!!) & me wanting to have good energy transfer into the ball; my weight shift (which helps also my Right-elbow to naturally tuck in close to my body, & my club falls nicely into the slot with some good clubhead-lag). In all the feeling of a small compact back swing will do wonderful things for your game, & realising you don't need a large swing to send the ball flying straight & long. I very much like your analogy of you think of your right arm as feeling straight (I will be using this myself in the future or be aware of it).
       I mean look at Rory as a prime example, he doesn't turn his shoulders  anywhere near as much as the other Tour Pro's, yet he has one of the most powerful swings at the moment, & good energy transfer ( That means he's efficient at transferring more energy into the ball which equates into longer shots people). I prefer to say powerful rather than high speed swing, as people get caught up in the big swing equates to more swing speed etc.. The irony is big swings cause more problems if anything. I believe guys like Rory gets his speed from the Kinetic-energy build up from the ground up, his high swing speed is just the outcome of him wanting to produce good energy transfer to the ball. I myself always have this good feeling of energy transfer into the ball rather than swing speed, & it starts with a short compact swing for myself or at least that's the feeling I have (I often have a thought that my swing size will feel like a 9 iron swing size so to speak, not that I swing my driver like a 9 iron though.). And I agree with your statement about Long John Daly's swing not bringing any good to the game.
       Martin never said you shouldn't be aggressive, & being aggressive doesn't mean trying to hit the shit out of the ball with a large swing you have no hope of controlling & maintaining balance with. Knowing the shot-type, swinging with the right club-selection, & using a shorter more compact swing will naturally allow you to swing more aggressively, & not just deciding I am going to be aggressive with this next shot. Trust me if your not making the right choices I mentioned in the sentence before you won't have a hope in hell of playing aggressive not matter what you tell yourself, & playing Timid is exactly how you'll play, either that or hooking or slicing OOB. I believe Martin was pointing out or making us aware of just how far a ball can be launched with just a small movement of our body or back-swing, & a great tip for all of us. cheers Martin

  3. To prove Martin's point I was playing a 480m par 5 last week, I drove it very long & straight off the tee, & was left with a 3/4  6 iron into the green. That equates to 320m drive, & the 3/4 6iron was like a full 6iron. I have a handicap of 7 (& still coming down), my marker had a 4 handicap & said to me "you barely looked like you took a 3/4 backswing with that drive". That's exactly what I planned a 3/4 swing, or at least that was my swing-thought before hitting. One of the others in the group was filming, & showed my swing was actually a bit bigger than 3/4, but my thought was 3/4, it felt compact, I swing with confidence & allowed me to be aggressive. cheers once again Martin, I will be paying attention to up & coming tips from you. 

  4. I try to treat my swing like a baseball swing(for feel) like im playing slow pitch and im building my swing untile it is time to hit a bomb and my lower body activates first almost like im steping into the pitch followed by a full swing to finish. HOMERUN! a short swing takes that feel of away and makes it harder to activate my lower body first- which is what its all about. SWING FROM THE GROUND UP!

  5. lol, this guy could use some more tact, imo. He has great advice, but is a little too honest, imo.

    He shitted all over his student and also on John Daly, lol. This instructor could never be like John Daly in a million years. Sure, he can have a nice pretty swing, but he would never even get close to winning multiple majors.

  6. Haha, wow, reading these comments… Great video, even better responses to the people who throw stones behind the safety of a keyboard, I guess there are no videos on youtube safe from "internet gangsters"!  …I plan on attending the tour stiker academy this year. I appreciate your delivery, and ability to explain golf concepts in a clear, concise manner.

  7. Very good golf swing Martin. It's all about impact and his impact positions here have TGM written all over them.

  8. Awesome video, Great Swing,,, I am 6'4 215 and am hitting the ball 10-15 yards farther now down here in Tampa,,, Trust me solid contact is way more effective than swing speed. I finally understand what my dad was saying about let the club do the work. THX

  9. Did not like his elitist comment that John Daly was a red neck.  Was unnecessary for what point he was trying to make.  John more $ that this little teaching pro.

  10. Loved your video, and your sincere love of golf and TECHNIQUE. I'm a pure newbie, and really appreciated it. Thanks!

  11. great video! totally agree. what was the name of the player again you mentioned at around 5:40 with the short swing who hits it as far as john daly?

  12. Thank you for revealing extensor action to me…I was over the top, throwing my club from the top..outside in …centrifugal force always won out over my attempts to hold the wrist angle ….until you enlightened me that a gentle constant pushing out with the right palm does the trick easily …thx!

  13. I heard Faldo talk about an instructor who had said he never lengthened a backswing, but he had shortened 100s of them. I went to the range the next day, and shortened my backswing…amazing results…and they were all good!