Matt Kuchar – Slow Motion Golf Swing Analysis

In this analysis video, Tyler Ferrell breaks down the swing of Matt Kuchar. He reveals two keys during transition and one key feature of a tour impact position that you can apply to your own swing.

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  1. The reason why the amateur has taken his swing at the top across the line is not because of the elbow separating from the body but because he has cupped wrists.  The reason why Matt Kucher can lay the club off more below his shoulders is because he has a flat left wrist.  By just concentrating on getting the flat wrist to remain flat or slightly flared like Dustin Johnson will put the right elbow in the correct position at the top below shoulder level with out thinking about the right elbow.  A cupped left wrist will always take the right elbow out and away from the body taking the club across the line and then down into the downswing way to vertical or steep.  I find the Matt Kuchar swing or the one plan swing is the easiest swing to teach to amateurs because they do not have the flexibility of a pro and keeping the club behind  or slightly behind the shoulders keeps them more compact through impact with a great follow through.

  2. Don't forget about how far right he aims. He plays a straight pull naturally… Amazing to see how he can be so consistent with that swing plane..