Matt’s Driver Fitting | Live – Matt gets fit for a new driver live on the channel!

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser, Master Clubfitter

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  1. I love these longer videos! Can’t wait for more aspects of the bag to be fit!

  2. Wondering why you guys choose to open the shop in Toronto. Don't think that's where golfers r densely populated. Possible opening a shop in the states in the future?

  3. Love the fitting videos guys, amazing to see how little difference there is in distance between the drivers (which most people see as the reason to get fit) but how the right fit gives Matt so much confidence and consistency. 330 with one shape is a fantastic "compromise". Can't wait to do a high end fitting like this soon.

  4. Great video again ,what I would like to see at some point is a good golfer with a slow / medium swing speed hit some X flex shafts ,we have all seen the 100 +mph swing speed players hit regular ,senior , stiff flex etc and make those shafts work ,lets see if a slow swinger can find a stiff / X that will work ,torque , kick point would make quite a difference on different specs I'm sure .Mark Crossfield thinks shafts make no difference ,I disagree with him totally.My driver swing speed is around 104 to 109 and I use a B series Diamana 60 x which is not a really stiff or heavy shaft.Be good to see a 90 mph good player try something like that ,maybe a senior or a good female player .

  5. There were a few questions during the live chat that weren’t answered, I threw out a few topic specific questions. A little background when I started playing I would buy club components and put clubs together in high school because it was cheaper so I understand the fitting process more than most. During your off session QandA videos you should pick some questions from live feeds.

    My main question was because my clubs are shorter an I swing a C4 like Matt, with all the different techniques out there what is an efficient why to get optimum swing weight? Shaft change lead tape, I use a lot. Tungsten powder, hosel weights?

  6. The strike was the overall factor… I’m not saying the fitting didn’t or doesn’t work but it’s hard to decide to get fit when you’re hitting all over the face…(Matt is a much better ball striker then me so I’m not picking at him or anything) but I think for most golfers a few lessons would go much further then a fitting. Then once someone starts getting some consistency, get fit.

  7. Interesting info at the end with the Ping G400 heads having a different total weight. How heavy is M3 and M4 head in comparison? Could be a lighter head weight of the M4 be the reason why Matt hit the M4 higher in the face?

  8. Great video and great choice. Can you bring TXG to Australia? Haha. Would love that experience and result.

  9. Any chance of some international fitting options?
    You cover transport costs I will pay for the custom fitting and costs of clubs

  10. Great video guys!! Makes me feel as if my clubs are so poorly fitted. Must go get checked out by another person.

  11. Had to watch later but absolutely fantastic . Love the tempo on Matts swing. Shows that timing is key.

  12. Another great video guys! Need to go try the Ping G400 max. Any ideas on a shaft for guy who swings it about 112 mph who is a little steep and miss is a little right Maybe one of their stock shafts or free upgrades?

  13. Loved this fitting, Matt seemed happy and that's the main thing in the end. He had opportunity to try and dismiss other options. I'm glad I purchased the same head after watching this!

  14. Great job, AGAIN!! Love to try the fitting but hitting that many balls would make me take a rest for a week!!

  15. Great fitting, and makes sense that Matt plays TONY Finaus driver as you guys are both beasts! I think every fairway is so much harder to hit when you have that much ball speed. Great choice and stoked for you! When are you guys coming down to San Diego?

  16. When Matt went to the M4 would you account the erratic hits to fatigue to some point?

  17. Ping all day long. Mat just hits it so good. Best fitting video yet guys, keep them coming.

  18. Absolutely thought it would be the g400 max, i picked it on the Instagram post. You had hit the g400 max head good in the past and also the kuro kage xt you had good success with. That set up just suited you so well.
    I have a shaft question, out of the fujikura atmos black, tensei pro white, kuro kage xt, which would be the softest profile? The tensei white? I have the atmos black at the moment in 70 tx and it's close to what i want, just can't turn it over quite enough. Happy with the weight and flex. I was originally thinking the tensei pro orange but after your video, I'm not sure

  19. Great video guys. I plan on going for my first driver fitting in the near future and watching this helped me know what to expect. My current driver (Cobra Fly Z) seems to die in mid air and get no roll. I am hopeful a proper driver fitting helps me gain some distance I feel I am losing at the tee box.

  20. I do wonder by end have you tuned your golf swing up more by how many shots you done because I notice with iron fitting you hit your old ap2 a lot better so could that be the case here, I just think that's what I do, I think cobra spines more on lower hits as cobra says to get it in air more which might suite lower swing player there heads, I got higher spin with rogue so it's out of rogue and max I'm thinking, didn't like high toe shots with twist face as I can leave face open which makes bad shot even worse

  21. Does a standard grip with three layers of tape weigh the same as midsize with three layers of type. Mizuno Europe told me Nick Faldo uses standard with three layers of tape. Wondering if that will solve some of my swing weight problem.

  22. If you come to Carlsbad to visit the shaft manufacturers let me know if you have time to tee it up or have the ability to do a fitting while in town.

  23. Be good to have video on adjusting driver loft even on draw settings on shaft and maybe weight settings if applicable and seeing how much diference

  24. Let us know what you thought of the fitting!!! Was the final driver the one you would've picked for Matt?