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Minimalist Golf swing. Get my Setup 4 Impact Golf Free video lesson series now at

Setup 4 Impact is a simplification of the Minimalist swing presented here. Minimalist is still available as part of my learning program as well. Learn to customize the method to fit your abilities.

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Learn how to perform The Minimalist Golf Swing at Guaranteed to help you improve your game.

I invented this golf swing after more than 25 years of experience teaching both conventional golf and Single plane golf.

Kirk Junge was a Natural Golf certified instructor from 1998 to 2007, and was responsible for answering over 3000 customer questions in the company’s website forum. He is also familiar with many other single plane (single axis) golf swing systems including IMA golf, Big Grip Golf (BGG golf), and the Heard Super Swing (HSS Golf) He also invented the Minimalist Single Plane Golf swing, which is similar to the Stack and Tilt golf swing with a Single Plane setup.

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  1. Hi Kirk,
    I tried your set-up advice and it works pretty good. Only your advice to hold the right arm close to body does not work for me.
    Can you explane why you advice a tllted to the right spine at adress?
    Is the minimimalist single plane swing the same as your single plane swing?
    George Neve

  2. I think this is really going to help me fine tune my approach to a repeatable impact zone. This intro video illustrated how to make a few changes that should not only save my back but improve my distance and accuracy.
    Thanks Kirk

  3. Hi Kirk. When you close your shoulders with minimalist swing (for a right handed golfer) does the face of the club then point to the right or does it stay square to the target?

  4.  Hi Kirk,  On your one plane swing, where you move the club back like Moe Norman just before starting your backswing, does the face stay "at the target"  as you take the club back straight  back? Or does it  start to open up a little when you reset the club  back on the ground since it is actually on a little arc. On the  driver, where you reset it back down almost a foot behind the ball, it seems like it may be actually open a little  as it moves on a slight arc. Or am I going inside too soon if it starts to open when I reset it? Make any sense?

  5. Hi Kirk, excellent stuff here, glad I came across you.  I am sure you've gotten this before, but as I watch more of your videos the clearer it becomes that your swing pattern is very, very similar to the TGM hitting style, espoused by Lynn Blake, Ted Fort, Jeff Mann, etc.  Would you yourself characterize it as such or are there key differences between the patterns that I am missing here?

  6.   When you pre set your shoulder turn does your weight stay on the left on the backswing or does it move back to the right?

  7. How do you best make the transition from a right arm close to the body on backswing, yet extended to plane on the downswing ?   Thx

  8. Thank you. The weight shift until now  has eluded me. At my age turning the hips to shift weight is exhausting over the course of 18 holes. I'm anxious to try this shift.

  9. Hi Kirk,

    Great video thanks for spending time to clarify the grip details. I have been tinkering with the natural golf swing for a few years now. Being normally right handed I play golf left handed (becouse of my two handed tennis stroke, rh on bottom and lh on top). Every once in a while during a round my iron shots go to the left of the target, straight and high no slice but 10 to 20 yards left.
    Can you please make a suggestion what maybe a possible fix?
    Thanks in advance.


  10. I had tried this swing before but did not settle on it as "my" swing. Well I used it for a round at my local public executive course today and shot 11 over which is my best at that course or any course for that matter. I was hitting green after green and even drove a par 4 hole into the greenside bunker and got up and down for par. I need to work a bit more on my driver or fairway wood from the tee box still. I am so excited about this swing! Great distance and accuracy.

  11. I tried this method today , I saw immediate improvent right away, my driver slice was reduced dramatically, and I was much more consistent, i'm hooked!!  now I have to practice and try not to "kill" the ball, take it easy….thanks!

  12. Kirk,I have been working to go to a single plane swing after 30 years of conventional golf.  I played college and professional golf 20 years ago and now can't manage to hit the ball as well as I would like based on the lack of practice.  My plane has changed but I am struggling to get my hands high enough at the setup position.  Any thoughts would be great.  Video attached.

  13. Kirk – Cobra Golf is now introducing "Single Length Clubs" similar to what Bryson Dechambeau uses. It seems to me that by eliminating some variables with the swing that you teach – and – eliminating further variables (lie angle, club length, ball position) with these type of clubs the overall combination could make the game easier and hence more enjoyable overall. Please correct me if I am wrong – but – this seems like a fairly reliable winning combination.?

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  15. When I read golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google), I discovered how in depth it explains the proper way of doing a golf swing. The book tells the specific skills and swing tactics used by all golf tournament professionals. I am still halfway in reading the book however I could say that the tips are really helpful. I have scored Three straight low 80s rounds after reading this book.

  16. Hi Kirk,
    I'd like to thank you for your great work and brilliant simple ideas. I've been struggling with my golf swing since I started the game 2 1/2 years ago. Thanks to your videos I hit great shots in 3 successive range sessions. I'd like to subsribe to your lessons. Is it possible to pay you from France ? Thanks again and keep the great work