Minimalist Same Plane Golf Swing – 3 wd & Driver (part 3 of 3)

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Here is video of me hitting golf shots with six different clubs. Part three here has me hitting the 3 wood and Driver. You see the face on view, and down the line, as well as the Driver in 300 frames per second. In part one you will see the SW and 9 iron, and in part two the 7 iron and 4 iron. A more detailed version of this video is available on my website at With the 14 day free trial you can access all the learning material. There are also three swings to choose from. The conventional swing, Single Plane golf swing, and the Minimalist Single plane golf swing, which is perfect for those who have had a problem slicing their golf shots. The minimalist single plane swing is the ultimate slice fixing golf swing.

I invented this Minimalist golf swing after more than 25 years of experience teaching both conventional golf and Single plane golf.

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The single plane methods should not be confused with the One plane golf swing by Jim Hardy. Single plane is far easier to perform as we setup on the same plane we wish to make impact on. The one plane swing teaches that your leading arm should be on the same plane as your shoulders at the top of the golf swing. This is good advice, but works much better from the single plane golf setup.

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  1. You've left out Moe Norman's "secret" in your emulations, i.e, placing the club well behind the ball to eliminate an inside or outside takeaway, although it might compromise angle of attack.
    Given they already have developed good "hand/eye" co-ordination, I think most experienced ball-strikers can benefit from trying this.

  2. Kirk,
    In the backswing when you cock your wrist, is your right trigger finger pulling backwards or is it pulling upwards?

  3. Kirk,  I commented on another video earlier tonight but let me say, I respect your work. Question:  at the 2:43 mark you can see you clearly see the ball set up on the heal of the club.  I'm not disagreeing – simply wondering about the benefit or logic of setting up this way when trying to keep the spine angle throughout.  Again, i'm a fan.  just seeking to understand more.  is it pulling away or swing arc, etc?  Keep up the great work!

  4. Kirk,
    I am interested in knowing how far you hit each club. I agree, that the single plane swing helps with accuracy, but I have lacked distance when using it. Please respond with the distances that you hit your clubs.


  5. Kirk
    On the video, special with the driver, it looks like you address with the Center of the driverhead slightly outside the ball…-correct ?


  6. Kirk at address, what percentage of your weight is on your left side? It appears most of your weight is on the left – or is it equally distributed? Thanks and looking forward to seeing more.

  7. Dear Kirk ,
    Just on the set up with regard the Driver and 3 wood , I note you set up the ball in the Heel ,and the grip with the left hand would be considered " Strong " in old terms , this is just a part of your action of course , and something I was taught in the 70's as a good way to eliminate a number of poor shots . This is a conscious part of the action you have created ? Thanks in Advance Dave

  8. Dear Kirk, I started to practice your method after a spinal disk prolaps and since then I can play golf without having back pain. But since two weeks I´m about "topping" balls or e.g. at driving hitting the ball 10 inch in the ground 10 inches in fron to the tee. Do you have any idea what my mistake is? I would really appreciate your help because your method gave back having fun playing golf. Best regards Volker

  9. Kirk – Love the videos and I'm really excited. I've been practicing quite a bit and I'm noticing that while I'm making good contact, the ball goes at a 45 degree or so line to the left. I can't seem to hit it straight at all. Any help will be greatly appreciated. P.S. I'm switching from a "conventional" swing after a long layoff.

  10. I notice that you start your 3-wood about maybe 4 inches behind the ball whereas mall was closer to 8 to 10 inches. Can you explain why.

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