Minimize the lower body movement in your golf swing to avoid golf injury.

We show various swings and demonstrate that the lower body is not necessarily the best source of power for your golf swing.

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  1. You have a point, in part. The main objective is to have the most power and ease of swing path with the least movement. Post secret Hogan demonstrates this well – see the Shell's match from 1967. He used his setup (closed toe line, open hips and knees) to minimize movement so his body would naturally have limitations. Many of today's pros try to restrict their movement by sheer force which can have detrimental effects, ie. Tiger Woods. I see McIlroy having a similar fate if he continues in the same fashion. You can't build enough muscle to protect your joints. Over time they will degrade.

  2. Hey Mr. Lopez, this video is very important in my mind. Yesterday, 6 April 2014, I went to the range and started thinking back on fundamentals. I finally realized what you said here is exactly what I started doing; I concentrated on turning the shoulders(coiling) and staying over the ball, not thinking at all about loading weight to the right foot. Before I was turning my chest too much, in the backswing, instead of just turning the shoulders…   I was making some powerful, accurate shots and I will be age 60 in less than a month.

  3. I'm really excited about this video. I've hit balls at the range without golf shoes. Time and time again, I seemed to hit the ball a lot better. Dress shoes are quite slippery on a golf Mat so I refrained from lower body movement. This is gonna be my key

  4. I was called an "arm swinger"…hit it 300……took lessons for using lower body more…could not break 100…..went back to "arm swinging"….shoot in the low 80's…..a golf swing generates the most speed and distance when free….turning lower body hard pulls shoulders out and degrades the ability to square up the club…hitting the center of the club is KEY to distance…..This is the ONLY video I have seen that clearly demonstrates this…pros turn…the let the arm swing pull the body around and through

  5. Thank you Bobby for making known what the majority do not see……The lower body hard first swing is killing golfers backs and their handicaps

  6. I don't know Bobby. The examples you showed are all short drivers, other than Rory, who has a tremendous shoulder turn. Guys like Dustin Johnson, Bubba, Young Tiger, they all turn and move their legs a certain way. Even the Greats did it too. Hogan, Bobby Jones and Sam Snead.

  7. Bobby, maybe you can show us some "extreme" lower body movement examples, so we have a better idea. I tended to agree comment made by Dre Park – even Rory has some lower body movement as well.

  8. Bobby is right. John Jacobs also talks about this. Stop emulating the pros. They are amazingly gifted. They also swing with their bodies because they have impeccable timing and countless hours to master it on top of their natural talent. Learn to get the path and angles right first with a nice shoulder turn and lift of the arms the body will move a little from the torque on its own. THEN after you master that with a 10 HC consider experimenting with blending more lower body action in for working the ball. Going out and trying to swing like the pros is a wonderful way to play bad golf. Ball don't lie. Get your feet in concrete.

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