Moe Norman golf swing – slow motion analysis of Hip & Lower body movement

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Her is a short video showing Moe’s hip movement through the swing. It is answer to many people over the past month contacting me to tell me that Moe had no lateral movement in his hips/lower body.

I teach a Single Plane method with a body movement that is similar to that of Moe’s. The single plane golf swing has been proven scientifically to be easier to repeat, and to be easier on your body. Less pain and better results. Most even hit the ball farther after switching to Single Plane.

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  1. you can't move the human body without some form of lateral motion that is why there is movement of 4mm on each side of the pelvis off the sacrum. so opinions and thoughts, doesn't matter science proves otherwise. now to what degree and direction because of the ankles now that's a different story. thank you THE SHADE TREE PRO. ps. really like your clips great job.

  2. I love this set up of Moe. The spine angle is perfect at address. We should all strive to achieve that setup.

  3. Dear Kirk – happy Xmas
    I was looking at this video by Graves Academy and his analysis states that there isn't any resultant lateral shift in Mo Norman's swing.

    That its just an optical  illusion caused by the rotation of the hips. That at the top of the backswing the turning of the hips causes the base of the spine to move forward laterally a few inches but then moves back to its original position at point of impact. I must admit that my swing seems to copy the first person in this video and has been causing me a lot of back pain (my hip rotation seems to get stuck at point of impact because the base of my spine is still moving forwards a bit).
    Do you have any opinions about this video as it seems to suggest that there is no resultant lateral movement of the lower body but only a temporary one at the top of the backswing?
    I've tried to consciously allow the base of my spine to return back to its original position at address (as I rotate my hips) and this has made my swing less stressful on my back.

  4. Two things I have incorporated into my own swing; Moe kept his right foot on the ground through impact and I use a ten finger grip similar to his. Those two things alone, in my mind are critical to consistent ball striking.

  5. I had studied Moe's swing for about a week before I went to the driving range. I didn't get the results I had expected until I got my arms and hands out of the equation and I shortened my rotation of the arms. WOW did I ever start to hit them straight and farther than I have ever hit them before. I'm 75 years old and it's turned all the lights about my golf swing. I want to cry that I never heard about this before now.

  6. Moe plays the ball forward in his stance. without lateral movement of the hips it's difficult to get to the proper impact position.
    Graves plays the ball in the middle of the stance, and says there is no lateral movement. I disagree.

  7. As I did and alot of guys commenting on your sites used the Graves DVD lessons to try and learn Moes type swing…What helped me 100% after trying to get the swing similer with the DVD's was take a lesson from a Graves instructor near where I live…Bingo in just one lesson he cleared up most of the miss understandings I had from the Graves DVD's (he could look at what I was doing and helped twink it just enough that it worked a lot better) Unlike watching Graves teaching, this instructor let you use your own "feelings" which you always have from years of using more conventianol swings to get closer to the single plane swing…in other words sometimes 100% trying to copy Moe (Graves) can get you lost….