Moe Norman slow motion 7 iron – face on golf swing analysis – Best video quality

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  1. Hello Kirk-I just started to watch this swing recently and practiced it during my round today.  I guess the only issue I had was I was drawing all my shots, even with the driver.  Do you recommend opening the club face at set up or work on alignment?   I must say all the shots are flush and the bad misses are very playable.  I would appreciate some input.

  2. Hi…I'm a little confused over Mo's grip…He uses the two handed grip and then on another video you say he used the overlapping grip most of his playing time…

  3. love his swing! what is the technical advantage of setting up clubhead 8 inches behind the ball, though? never noticed it before, look forward to trying it.

  4. Nice Analysis…i believe this swing is way more repeatable. Moe removed so many things from the conventional swing that cause issues.

  5. great video, we need more pga instructors to pick up on this program and teach this swing i have jim schoen at ravenwood gc in victor ny looking at it but has not committed as yet

  6. Here is the secret to Moe's Swing. What do you do when you putt? What do you do when you chip? Your left arm separates from your body and the arms are pointed directly at the target. Look at Moe's swing after impact, every single swing his left arm separates from his body just like a giant chip shot. There is the secret. He does not rotate around his body by keeping the left elbow close to his side after impact. Two great players did this to an extent; Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer.

  7. "It's the best swing ever and anyone can learn it"

    Then why has this swing not been used on the PGA tour in the last 50 years?
    I mean if anyone can learn it and Mo won 55 times with it, and hits the ball straight every time then you'd think someone else on the planet would have been able to master it and take it to the tour right?
    I think while someone can try to copy the mechanics they will not be able to copy Mo's results.  The swing was developed by Mo's body for Mo's body and on top of that,  Mo is like that guy in the Guinness book of records who could shoot 1000 basketball free throws without missing.  He could repeat a motion better than almost anyone on the planet.   If it was just superior technique that anyone can learn then his stunning results would have lured others to use it with similar success.

  8. In Secret in the Dirt, the host, who knew Moe on the Canadian tour, said he had the club on a straight line with the club back in order to avoid the first move of the hands on the backswing. Makes sense. In fact, it looks a lot like Hogan if you take that into consideration, in my opinion.

  9. No full shoulder turn ,therefore less clubhead speed . Also somewhat an ugly swing.Don't try to copy it.

  10. Those who have 10 finger grip are ignorant about the swing mechanics.You have to have a full shoulder turn which Moe does not have therefore he did not have the clubhead speed potential.