MORE SPIN PLEASE VICAR GOLF TIPS VIDEO, this video explains some of the issues with low spinning golf clubs and golf balls and talks about how you could improve your golf equipment and skill levels. Improve your golf swing with better understanding of what you really need to work on and how to improve your over all score on the golf course. Simple golf tips for golfers wanting to shoot lower scores.

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  1. Changing from chunky irons to MP-18 drastically changed how I viewed spin/distance. I lost a full 10 yards with each club (4 degrees weak) and although I’ve always had speed, I saw a great increase in my ability to hold a green.

  2. Curious how you measured these sort of characteristics prior to using a launch monitor. Most of us not having access to one regularly without spending a good deal on a lesson or for a bay with a launch monitor – is there a way for us to identify how high/low we spin the ball just by being out on the course?

  3. From a professional fitters point of view, YOU SIR are 110% correct!!! I very rarely fit anyone into SGI Irons. Great video Mark and hopefully the message gets through to most….GET UP DAN!

  4. For me Mark this means nothing. I don't have the skill set or knowledge of how to take off spin…

  5. I wish you would have said what you were doing to add spin and take spin off and why then this would have made a bit more sense to me.

  6. i always chose a ball that puts and chips the best with plenty of spin , i loved the balata balls they felt the best for me . i take a 10 yard drop with my driver any day if i know i can stiff a 60 yard approach shot and hole a 15 footer

  7. So we shouldn’t use game improvement irons….? 😩 As a high handicapper (cough and I mean high) should we all be playing blades or at least clubs with decent loft??

  8. Been able to ad loads of spin by cutting it or squeezing it with a steep approach but I lose lots of distance.
    Then I'd need to club up ….
    Then it's a waste of time.

  9. Dj and brooks hitting 184 yard 9 irons, are the lofts they have on their 9 irons the standard or do all tour pros play stronger lofts?

  10. I always thought golf was about getting the hole in the lowest amount of shots . Analysis paralysis, just enjoy the game.

  11. after coming back from 20 years away from golf it seems that all the irons have been delofted and now everyone is carry more wedges! A "Gap" wedge.?!! well I guess you need one if your nine iron is now 7 and your wedge is a nine and your sand wedge…..etc etc etc. I'm still using my Ping eye 2's with REAL lofts!

  12. Love the addition of Dan! He is both skillful as well as a dry wit….talented and funny! BTW just got my wedges gap tested, added a 52-F12 vokey SM7 to fill a gap that I have been playing around. Now my wedge distance, trajectory and spin are dialed in!!!

  13. Is there an iron swing speed floor for this principle? Say a 75 MPH iron swing, I might need lower spin & more distance, or no?

  14. Been a while since have been fitted, and a few years since done any serious playing. I do remember spin being mentioned at my usual golf shop I did most of my testing. However, don't remember my spin figure. That said it was quite a few years ago.
    As for 7 iron I would always have a distance of 150 on courses. Remember 4 iron was around 180, and 3 iron pushing towards 200 and on hot summer days knew I might potentially carry further. However, I did not alway consider that extra distance an advantage.
    I knew wedge was my 100 to 110 yard club as I got better.
    I knew my yardaged.
    However, now that have spent some years away from the game, yardages and consistency of yardages will have dropped off.
    Will need to re-learn a lot.
    Its going to be interesting.

  15. Still using my Z star ball….spins like a top…yummy…..this game is all about spin and i need all the revs i can get.

  16. Very informative video. I have a idea for playing video try to setup round with Tommy Fleetwood.

  17. Interesting point of view ! I tend to like spin as it enables me to get more distance control. ( on all clubs )

  18. It’s basic physics why you cant add spin without losing distance. When you swing a solid 7 iron roughly 95% – 100% you have a certain swing speed and put a certain amount of kinetic energy into the ball. That energy can either go into forcing the ball forward (distance) or forcing the ball to spin (rotation). It like hitting a ping pong ball as hard as you can with a ping pong bat and it goes 30 yards but try hit a spinny ping pong shot and it wont go nearly as far as the energy is not used to hit the ball far but to cut across it and spin the ball.

    So that’s why taking spin off is easy obviously less spin makes it go further (within reason though, too little spin makes the ball not fly high enough or allow it to stay in the air), but say 5000 revs is plenty and the ball will go miles, like for example a flyer from the rough, where as 8800 revs obviously cant physically go that far with the same swing as the energy is used up in spinning the ball.

    So you need irons + a ball + a shaft that will produce a decent amount of spin for your 7 iron down to wedges. If you swing slow maybe a spinnier ball is required. You will lose distance but might save you round the greens and with approach shots.

  19. Excellent point in general, yet hard for the typical golf fitting to incorporate the need of adequate spin rates (within reason). After fitting scores (20's and 20's) of golfers during the golf season that just ended out here in the Coachella Valley, California (Palm Springs/Palm Desert/India Wells/La Quinta/Cathedral City/Bermuda Dunes/Indio, Calfornia, for the less informed), the typical golf fitting involved less talented, and/or older golfers, where distance is the key objective, and spin is not a crucial factor. Coupled with the fact that those golfers are buying equipment with "game improvement" features (lower than standard loft for a given iron/heavier weighting in [at least] the sole/over-sized faces and offset hossels), roll/maximum distance takes priority over spin rates. (And, of course, the majority of club offerings designed by engineers from all of the major manufacturers all have this in mind.) Wedges when new have higher spin rates. But what if you want a little roll after the ball lands? Then, maybe, a more worn wedge is more playable, and preferred. Usually with drivers, spin is not an issue for the typical (higher handicapper and/or older) player. And it's the more talented "heavy hitter" with a high club head speed that needs to keep the spin rate on his driver between 1900 and 2500 (or a little more) RPM's (keeping the spin rate no lower or no higher than the accepted range of revolutions per minute to maximize carry, most likely using a properly weighted sub-zero driver), to maximize driving distance without the ball spinning too slowly and "dying" in flight, and also to avoid gaining too much height in the trajectory of the drive as a result of too much spin, that would otherwise decrease distance. (Draws decrease spin. Fades and cuts increasing spin, accordingly. But they still need to be within the acceptable rate of spin for the respective shot to result in maximum performance, given the player and his/her swing.) In short, spin rates are important for you Mark and Dan, the better players who want to play shots with spin in mind as well as other players like you two in talent who can "work the ball". It's just not as important, if at all, for the typical weekend golfer, so long as his shot does not "fall apart", and he/she is still getting adequate distance, in some way.

  20. Definitely agree on irons, swapped ap2 for xr16, fab in the winter, over nearly every green this summer! Struggle to agree with drivef as haven't got skills to manipulate driver, 12 handicap! Fab vid, keep pushing our knowledge forward!