Most Important Muscles Used In Golf Swing – Golf Fitness Exercise Trainer explains the 3 key golf muscles used in the golf swing to produce power and consistent, and all you to play pain free golf.

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  1. Hey Jeff! You're very welcome. I kind of flew through that one, but hopefully golfers will get the idea. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Great video Mike, this really answers the question of the muscle groups involved in the golf swing perfectly. Cheers

  3. Good explanation of how important those three muscle groups are to keep a level plane while you swing the club.

  4. how fast is your golf swing? i can swing 125 constantly think you could help me improve it i hit a 371 yard drive last week my avg is about 310

  5. @wdlister86 That's very impressive. I haven't had my checked in a while, but I'm trying to improve my technique and scores, so I'm not swinging "out of my shoes" at the moment.

  6. I think wdlister is lying. Very few guys that can even come close to that ss. My ss is 122 mph max and I average 310. Bodybuilding backround, 5'7 195, 10% bf. I have a vid of my swing up somewhere here on youtube so I can back up my statements unlike wdlister. I incorporate resistance training, stretching, plyos/explosive exercises and balance exercises. Good video though, on informing the majority of golfers who have no idea or very little on how to increase ss.

  7. Exactly what I was looking for. Short and sweet. I can now go build my pre-season golf training!

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