I’m working on counterfall in my golf swing during this practice session. I let my weight shift and I fall towards the target as I start my downswing.

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  1. I believe the the most important part of the golf swing is foot work. It activates the uncoiling of the spring.

  2. just wonder CG, where is your ball position with your driver? I have mine just a ball to a ball and a half up off my center – more consistent. Ball off my left heel, I pull or miss right. But i'm not getting the height and distance though…

  3. I guess u gotta look good in slow motion to have it right. It's always good to see yourself in a mirror i feel just gets u in touch with what kind of golf swing u really have. even if it is a little disheartening or u might look better than u thought works both ways

  4. I have been trying to work the same thing into my swing. After watching some of the videos the guys over at AMG have do it makes sense. So far it's help with the irons but still have a long way to go with the driver.

  5. I used to hate this concept because I could never rotate doing it. But I figured out if you get a lot of lpt at the top of the backswing like the old timers, when you land on the lead side it's automatic rotation

  6. almost perfect. just a little stuck in the downswing and need to make some room for the trail elbow with the driver. i'm working on it myself. you might wanna take a look at The Mechanic(Jimenez) to see what he does with his elbow in the downswing, your top of backswing position reminds me of his a bit.