My swing feels………AWESOME!!!!

Quest For The Open – VLOG 107 – My swing feels AWESOME!!

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  1. Guess what…. Next week you'll hate golf again lol. Golf is funny…just when u think u have it sussed it nails u.

  2. This vlog is nice. This is what’s it’s about. Get a microphone to wear and add official audio and this video is your best one ever. Honest. .

  3. This was a really enjoyable video. Nice camera work and background music with a Dan Whitaker cameo. Can’t ask for much more.

  4. Swing looks awesome Pete! Such a beautiful, rhythmic and balanced motion. I aspire to achieve a swing such as yours! Keep up the great work and you will qualify for The Open! Good Luck in 2018!!!!

  5. Hey Pete. Really liking some of these new video techniques and at last some colour in the room. Thank you Carly, thank you, thank you, thank you. The stuff with DW sounds interesting. How does he get his hair that way. Technique, colour, hair, this vlog was AWESOME.

  6. Exciting vlog Pete! Adidas gear looking sweet, swing looking awesome, new office rounding into shape (really like the color), and always exciting to get more content w Dan the man. Plus it’s awesome to see you so pumped for the start of this season. Gonna be a great one, I feel it!

  7. As a man I would have never picked that color for the wall but, then again, I have no skills when it comes to decorating. Always let the woman pick the color. Women are much better at it than men. Swing looks good! Looking forward to seeing what you and Rick have in store for this year!

  8. I see Dan uses a Trackman instead of the Foresight you and Rick use. You should see if he'd let you run a Trackman Combine. Somewhat like the FSX Skills Challenge.

  9. Good looking swing pete! Ive noticed in the takeaway that you take it away on the outside just wondering if it comes back pretty neutral at impact? Only asking as i do the same thing.

  10. Any plans on going to a comp with Dan? Doing the warmup with him making sure everything looks good, like the pros do it.