Natural Golf Swing Basics – George Knudson

George Knudson’s “Natural Golf Swing” basics.

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  1. Correction! You do not load by turning your torso! You load by simply shifting your weight via the inside of your right foot~ which will then naturally move the club backwards!

  2. Yeah, he did say rotate to load the right foot. The only thing that doesn't move during the whole swing is the big toe of the left foot. If you don't rotate your shoulders to load the right side then you might end up swaying your hips instead of rotating and then you'll lose power on your shot.

  3. Somebody has put George's teaching video on YouTube and I watched your video afterwards.I definitely think your on to something,I started playing golf as a kid and im sure all kids swing like this,they shift their weight around and have passive hands,as adults we try to control the golf club using our hands and get into different positions and it just doesn't work consistently,thanks for making your video.

  4. I'm convinced this swing is the way to go. Finishing on a perfectly flat left foot is proving difficult for me, however.

  5. While I am inside my house, I read these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) and after completing it, I tried the suggested exercises on the field. I couldn`t believe what a difference it made in my swing after 3 decades of playing golf. Following the drills, I was able to focus more on the minor details.

  6. Nice job. The simpler the motion the better imho.
    Moe Norman once stated, "I don't balance my swing; my swing balances me."
    I have learned that is achieved with a consistent radius and a tight torso rotation (radius measured from upper sternum to lead wrist). Even slight radius change creates imbalance. You mentioned "shoulder (lead) and club in same relative position". This is wisdom, and consistent with Jimmy Ballard's "Connection", and noel Thomas' "Master Key". It is the lead arm which determines radius.

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