Rick Shiels tests the COBRA KING FORGED ONE LENGTH IRONS at the NEW Quest Golf Academy based at Prairie Sports Village, using GC2 and FSX software


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  1. I just got fitted for these clubs at my local golf galaxy. I tested the m2 irons, jpx 900 hot metal, and these. I felt like I was getting more consistent numbers with this clubs and I really enjoy the design. My average carry distance with my 7 iron was 185, and my gap wedge was 125. I had the shafts extended .5 inches, modos stiff 105g shaft, mid size Winn grips, and they are going to I believe bend the club because they put this material on the bottom of the face and I hit a golf ball off a what look like chalkboard mat and I was hitting the ball consistently on the toe so they are gonna bend it so it fixes that app…

  2. Another good option that I like better than 1 length, is to step the length by 3/8" instead of the normal 1/2" per club. This you can do with standard weight heads and adjust weight during assembly via normal techniques. This has the effect of making the long irons, a little shorter in length and the 8-P a little longer in length, not the drastic difference you see with the single length. So long irons still fly high are just a little easier to make center face contact, and the short irons are good for a few more yards without the ballooning from excessive spin. Ask your local clubmaker, as they can do this for the iron heads you own now.

  3. There were no launch monitors in the 80 s or the 90 s and tbh before trackman in 2003 it was all very iffy . but that a side what a super interesting review and i don´t want to rush to conclusions but loosing height on a 4 iron and gaining it with the AW is not really where we want to go !!!

  4. Is there any concern that if one length clubs did become popular that they would become illegal by the PGA?

  5. Rick do you ever hit it offline? Lol it seems like every video I watch it never leaves that darn center line haha, another great video btw as usual

  6. I use the F7. I think I've tried just about everything . . . You have to get used to them. At first they seem weird. After a while you don't notice the single length. You just have to give yourself time to get used to them. Then – you'll strike each shot more consistently than with variable length clubs.

  7. I absolutely love them! I've previously tried the 5 iron on sim, and good feel. Just got a set and walked a short 9. What an awesome set of irons. Less thinking, more confidence=more consistency! Hail to the f7 one length!!

  8. I'm on my second year with my Cobra single length and they have made me more consistent. Love these single length and I will never go back.

  9. Makes a lot of sense to me. Simplifies the fact you only need one stance. No need for adjustment on each club due to length variations and lie angle.

  10. I just recently pulled the trigger on a set of One Length F7 irons 5-GW. I am an 8 handicap and was very hesitant to go to a cast GI club from my forged irons but these were cheap enough so I figured why not. I have played about 5 rounds with them so far and can tell you that I have played the best golf in a long time with these clubs. I am much more consistent and gapping has not been an issue. It did take a little bit to get used to them visually. The wedges do fly much higher but there is no distance loss and they stop on a dime. The dispersion on the long irons is much tighter for me with no distance loss. I tee off with my 5 iron on short par 4 holes and knock it down the middle 215-220 yards. If you are thinking about giving these clubs a try, do it.

  11. you've never seen 10,000rpms on a gap wedge because you hit that shot super fat into the mat. it would've been stuck in the grass had you been on a course

  12. Hi Rick, just ordered a set of these on the back of your review (massively discounted on line). Will post a review when I get them. Really struggling with long iron shots, so I thought I’d give them a try!