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Building Your REACTIONARY Golf swing

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  1. As always a great video. I would say David's second swing was better. He just timed it better. His face is so open on the way back, he needs to do a lot of rotation to square the club face and his head moves a lot. Looked like he was offisdes on the first swing, a little hard to tell from the down the line view. i played from a similar position for years, when your tempo/timing is good you can play really well, but when its off it can be ugly. Thanks again for the great content

  2. Davids first swing was better because he hit the in the middle of the club face creating tremendous length.

  3. why in the world would the maintenance guy stand on the green with people on the tee box??

    EDIT: First swing looked better. Club face stayed more square through the back swing. The second swing he had more rotation in the club face on the way back causing him to have to twist the face and time it perfectly on the down swing and that is difficult to do so it resulted in what looked like a hit off the heel of the club. First swing stayed square and looked like he hit off the center of the face.

  4. David's second swing was better as he had a slight pause at the top that allowed him enough time to fully complete his load. From there he was able to get the club under his takeaway plane and strike the ball from in to out which allowed for a power draw. In the first swing his rushed tempo didn't allow for a full load which forced him to strike the ball from above his takeaway plane which caused what seems like a big hook.

  5. Second shot was a lot better. The first one seems to have been struck a little low on the face judging by the trajectory (low draw, but it got to its apex and dropped quickly, sort of like a dead ball would.) Also seemed to have lifted up a little higher than he did on the second shot. Second shot just looked like an all around steadier swing. First swing also looked like he was a little late on his downswing so he compensated by pulling? Angle is a bit weird but it looks like the club was open all the way until first parallel and then closed really quickly.

  6. I think the second swing was the longer one. It looked like he might have caught it slightly off the toe side of center, with a little draw spin, and I’m guessing less spin overall, so I say (purely guessing obviously 🙂) it was longer.

  7. David's first swing seems like he hit a pretty strong hook. his transition seems a bit more rushed, which, coupled with an early extension, caused his clubface to be closed in respect to the path. The smoother transition/tempo on his second swing doesnt force David to jump into the ball and allows for a fuller rotation through contact