NEW PUTTER – Bettinardi Bad Boy – Kittocks Course Vlog – Fairmont St Andrews – Part One

NEW PUTTER – Bettinardi Bad Boy – Kittocks Course Vlog – Fairmont St Andrews – Part One

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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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  1. Up for a game? If your ever in the west coast of Canada 🇨🇦 hit me up 🤙⛳️🏌️☝️🏆🍻

  2. That is pretty cool that you can get so amped playing all alone. I usually get a bit sad when I hit an amazing shot alone because I'm pretty sure no one would believe me if I did actually bother to tell anyone. I also don't think I'd hit as good a shot with others around… a mental aspect I need to work on. I definitely play better alone.

  3. Still playing on your own Peter I keep telling you to give me a call. Great show keep going.

  4. Been using Aimpoint and it has helped immensely. I rarely 3 putt anymore. Jamie Donaldson is the one to learn from if you're going to learn it. Nice one under through three.

  5. Pete, you should try the iNOVAi if you have not already done so. It's the best thing Bettinardi makes in my opinion. It looks and feels weird, but just works for some reason. I am not a mallet fan, but would try a blade version if they made it.

  6. This Vlog has everything! Scotland, Bettinardi Putters, love the editing and layout Pete!

  7. I think this might have been my favorite course vlog yet Pete! Absolutely stunning camera work and the music was perfect! Great work as usual man, can't wait for the rest of this course!