NEW Tiger Woods What’s In The Bag 2018

NEW Tiger Woods What’s In The Bag 2018 – In this week’s tech round up Peter Finch looks at Tiger Woods new bag set up, the new Titleist Driver and the Build your own Taylormade Spider Putter

Design your own Spider Putter here –

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  1. I absolutely love Titleist products. I personally don’t think they’re any less appealing than any other brands .. I just think the likes of TM and Callaway try to make their products gimikey and market the hell out of them!!

  2. i always love the look and feel of titleist woods but agree that they don't have the same aesthetics as taylormades woods in particular that carbon crown to white/grey look.

  3. Maybe tiger has an own Blade manufacturing Person which goes to every other Company Tiger is signed to, But the companies arent allowed to use him for any other purposses 😜😜

  4. Love a tech vlog from Peter Finch; gets the equipment nerd in me all excited LOL
    Mmm that driving / #2 iron that Tiger uses is freakin' hot looking. Not that I could use it effectively but wow…

  5. I see Titleist as the "Apple" of the golf club world. Let other manufactures try some absolute cutting-edge ideas (which sometimes work, sometimes are just a bit gimmicky) – then when they see an idea reach a certain level of performance maturity (whether technical or in terms of marketability) — THEN sort of come up with the "Titleist" way of implementing it, which is typically more polished and integrated in ways that suit more of the "conservative" equipment enthusiast.

    This all could be just my bias, of course, because I love and play Titleist and love where their "niche" is in the market.

  6. that taylormade putter custom shop issue is they dont have a chance in hell, i mean those putters looked absolutely hideous especially with all the colors peter. Titleist will continue to stay traditional and to the script

  7. The thing I like about Titleist is that they aren't the same as Callaway, TM, Ping etc. They are a class brand. I really hope they don't try to fall into the same bracket as others because it won't make them stand out like they currently do.

  8. Pete: I’d love a video on how pros get from tournament to tournament. Who ships their clubs? What happens behind the scenes (eg do their sponsors show up and tell them what to wear like tennis, etc.)? What else happens logistically?

  9. I love titleist and can't wait to see what they bring out. I recently bought a 2nd hand 917 but will be interesting to see what happens. Titliest aren't too sexy with their drivers woods etc, but the irons are always good designs and Vokey wedges as you know can look mint!

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