Rick Shiels tests the NEW TITLEIST 917 D3 DRIVER at the NEW Quest Golf Academy ibased at Prairie Sports Village, using GC2 and FSX software

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  1. i do agree with the boxing glove head covers….i know smaller headed drivers might suit ur eye but u do "appear" to hit 460cc heads much better in terms of dispersion (from the small amount of shots we see anyway)

  2. It would interesting to see the difference in numbers without the surefit cg. Awesome review as always. The new training facility looks awesome

  3. you nearly took that camera out, which makes this video one of the best! awesome! now…get back to reviewing those fairway woods!!

  4. hey you should do a long drive between m2 and the hammer x, would like to see what the hammer is about. thanks

  5. For 500 dollars it should come with all the inserts. Other drivers give you the draw, neutral, and fade capabilities.

  6. Rick, your launch angle is a bit low. You should increase the loft when you get the fade weight; that will lower the spin and increase the launch angle.

  7. Great review, I totally agree about these silly headcovers they've all gone to, no shaft protection. Titleist don't normally follow the rest but they have here, Titleist bring back the 915 type headcovers, much better.

  8. Rick, I feel you on the headcovers. Not a fan of that style either. Bring back the sock! Good review on this.

  9. Thanks for hating boxing glove headcovers! I just wish they made socks again. I feel its protecting the shaft more

  10. I dont mind the boxing glove style head covers they store alot easier in the bag during rounds compared to the normal style covers

  11. Do you find that this driver launches lower than average? in your review and on golf wrx's review the launch seemed really low.

  12. I enjoy the new set up Rick. It looks like you are going to hit the camera with every shot. If you ever do make sure to post the video.

  13. Agree with fellow comments on here regarding driver performance being the same for years,all your paying money for now on new drivers,is a different colour and latest 9whatever updated number!!!ricks hit drivers longer and straighter 3 years ago on here and you can get those drivers for £150

  14. Rick,
    I'm curious if you or any of the other current top golf youtubers have had a chance to try out the Swingshot Cyclops golf camera? I understand that the quality of the video and therefore the vlogs would be decreased but I wonder if there you feel there are any benefits to using it over any other recording device when playing alone. I am surprised I haven't seen someone give it a proper review.

  15. Sooo much agree with you about the head covers. I'm intrigued with Titleist's new weighting tech. Good test. Might make me try something other than Taylormade. Thank you.

  16. New swing's looking good! I was just wondering with it being so compact, have you lost any distance with your new swing? Keep up the good work!